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Bookmarklet for Exporting Email Activity to CSV

All you’ll need to do is create a new bookmark in your favorites bar in your browser (I’ve tested in Chrome and Firefox) with the following javascript as the URL to bookmark -- give it any name you like. Use all of it, starting with the javascript keyword and ending with the final semi-colon.

javascript: (function () { var jsCode = document.createElement('script'); jsCode.setAttribute('src', 'https://bitbucket.org/brettzink/sendgrid-activity-bookmarklet/raw/c781b25fb29f9b1958b122efd3badc6e61a18983/bookmarklet.js'); document.body.appendChild(jsCode); }());

Then visit the Email Activity page in your SendGrid account.

Use the search bar to filter the data however you want, and then click on your new Bookmarklet. The Bookmarklet opens in a new window with all the data reformatted into CSV. The first time you use it you’ll probably get stopped by your pop-up blocker. Just allow pop-ups from sendgrid.com and try again.

You’ll see a window produced with all of the email activity data represented as CSV. Just copy and paste it into a text editor and save it as CSV. Or else paste it straight into Excel.