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  <p>Beaker is a library for caching and sessions for use with web applications
      and stand-alone Python scripts and applications. It comes with
      <a href="">WSGI middleware</a>
      for easy drop-in use with <a href="">WSGI</a>
      based web applications, and caching decorators for ease of use with
      any Python based application.</p>

      <li><b>Lazy-Loading Sessions:</b> No performance hit for having sessions active in
          a request unless they're actually used</li>
      <li><b>Performance:</b> Utilizes a multiple-reader / single-writer locking
          system to prevent the 
          <a href="">Dog Pile effect</a>
          when caching.
      <li><b>Mulitple Back-ends:</b> File-based, DBM files, <a href="">memcached</a>,
          memory, and database (via <a href="">SQLAlchemy</a>) back-ends available
          for sessions and caching</li>
      <li><b>Cookie-based Sessions:</b> SHA-1 signatures with optional AES encryption for client-side
          cookie-based session storage</li>
      <li><b>Flexible Caching:</b> Data can be cached per function to different back-ends, with different
          expirations, and different keys</li>
      <li><b>Extensible Back-ends:</b> Add more backends using 
          <a href="">setuptools entrypoints</a>
           to support new back-ends.</li>

      <li>Beaker 1.6.1 released on 10/20/2011.</li>
      <li>Beaker 1.6.0 released on 10/16/2011.</li>
      <li>Beaker 1.5.4 released on 6/16/2010.</li>
      <li>Beaker 1.5.3 released on 3/2/2010.</li>
      <li>Beaker 1.5.2 released on 3/1/2010.</li>
      <li>Beaker 1.5.1 released on 12/17/2009.</li>
      <li>Beaker 1.5.0 released on 11/23/2009.</li>
      <li><a href="">Beaker 1.4 Released</a></li>
      <li><a href="">Beaker 1.3 is juicy caching goodness</a></li>
      <li><a href="">Beaker 0.9, cookie-stored sessions, and crypto</a></li>

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  <p>Download <a href="">Beaker PDF documentation</a>.</p>

  <p>Beaker's Mercurial repository can be found at
    <a href=""><tt></tt></a>.</p>

    <p>To check out:</p>

      <pre>hg clone</pre>

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