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Agar is a set of utilities for Google App Engine, extracted from
numerous GAE projects.


Agar requires the Google App Engine SDK, webapp2, webapp2_extras,
pytz.gae, restler, and basin. Versions of these (except the Google App
Engine SDK) are located in the lib directory.


To install Agar, download the source and add the agar/ directory to
your Google App Engine project. It must be on your path.


Agar is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for details.


Agar comes with a set of tests. Running Agar's tests requires
unittest2 and webtest (included in the lib directory). To run them,


Google App Engine now includes testbed to make local unit testing
easier. This obsoletes the now-unsupported GAE TestBed
library. However, it had several useful helper functions, many of
which have been re-implemented in Agar. To use them, you must use
unittest2 and inherit from agar.tests.BaseTest or agar.tests.WebTest.


To contribute to the Agar project, fork the repository, make your
changes, and submit a pull request.
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