Align the codes for easy debugging

Issue #14 resolved
Xiaodong Wang
created an issue

Please consider this feature, to align the decompiled codes so make it possible to debug it in the IDE, thanks.

This is the plugin for eclipse with code alignment, for you reference

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  1. Brice Dutheil repo owner

    Hi Alfred,

    Yes it is being developed at the moment. Is is something that we wanted as well for quite some as well :)

    Now I don't know when it'll be ready ;)

    Cheers, Brice

  2. Xiaodong Wang reporter

    Hi Brice,

    My daily work highly depends on code decompiling, which stops me migrate from eclipse to intellij. I added the code alignment by integrate some codes from the eclipse plugin, it works and now I'm quite happy with it. I attached the patch includes my change, thanks for creating this plugin.

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