The PolyBoRi Team:
Michael Brickenstein (MFO), brickenstein@mfo.de
Alexander Dreyer (ITWM), alexander.dreyer@itwm.fraunhofer.de

PolyBoRi is a joint project of the following institutions
* Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach (MFO), 
  Oberwolfach, Germany,
* University of Kaiserslautern, Department of Mathematics,
  Algebra, Geometry and Computer Algebra Group, 
  Kaiserslautern, Germany, and
* Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics (ITWM),
  Department of System Analysis, Prognosis and Control,
  Kaiserslautern, Germany.

With contributions of:
Ket Shcherbakova (nee Kalda), Dominik Stahl

For building the PolyBoRi framework, the following tools and libraries are
* gcc 3.3.0 or newer
* python 2.4 (deprecated) or python 2.5 (recommended)
* scons (v0.96 or later, recommended v0.98 or later)
* the boost library, version 1.33.1 (for python 2.4; deprecated) or 
  version 1.34.1 (for python 2.5; recommended), version 1.36.1 (for unit tests)

In addition, for running the ipbori command line tool IPython is needed.

Changing to the build directory (where you find this README file), and typing  

  scons install PREFIX=/prefix/path/ PYINSTALLPREFIX=/python/path/site-packages

should be enough to build and install PolyBoRi.
PREFIX defaults to /usr/local. The standard value from PYINSTALLPREFIX is extracted from the
corresponding python executable (customizable via PYTHON).

There are several installation locations which depend on PREFIX per default,
(e.g. INSTALLDIR and DOCDIR). But those are custumizable, too. See

  scons -h

for more information and default values. There's also an exhaustive 'ipbori'
tutorial in the DOCDIR.

If might also be useful to add some custom setting to the file 'custom.py' in
the build directory, see the following example.

--- custom.py ---
CCFLAGS = "-g -O3  -ansi --pedantic -Wno-long-long -pg"
CXXFLAGS = "$CCFLAGS -ftemplate-depth-100"
LINKFLAGS=" -Xlinker -export-dynamic -pthread -ldl  -pg" 

# means that this line is not activated.
#LIBPATH = ["/custom/lib/path1", "/custom/lib/path2"]
#CPPPATH = ["/custom/include/path1", "/custom/include/path2"]
#PBP = "python"


  scons devel-install DEVEL-PREFIX=/prefix/for/usr

generates and installs PolyBoRi headers and libraries for developers.


  scons -h

for more infos about possible custom settings.

Additional targets


  scons <target>

for making other targets by alias. Valid aliases are

distribute      gzipped source tarball
srpm, rpm       generate (source)-rpm from data in pkgs/rpm
prepare-debian  generate debian/ folder from data in pkgs/debian
deb             generate debian package

install         install ipbori, documentation, and python iterface
prepare-install build, what install needs

devel-install   headers and standalone libraries (without python interface)
prepare-devel   build, what devel-install needs

Provided that /prefix/for/executables/bin is in your path, typing 


starts an IPython session with the PolyBoRi framework loaded.

Workaround for scons 0.96.x

Please note, that scons 0.96.x is not officially supported anymore, so the
following may be out of date

The currently used CFLAGS/CCFLAGS/CXXFLAGS mechanism was introduced in the 0.97
branch of scons. Using a version from the 0.96 branch CCFLAGS must contain all
flags for the C-compiler, while CXXFLAGS has to carry all flags for CXX.

These settings may be changed using the file custom.py described above. One has
to add the following lines:

CXXFLAGS = "-O3 -std=c++98 -ftemplate-depth-100"
CCFLAGS  = "-O3 -std=c99"

Alternatively, one can append the following lines to custom.py:


Sun Studio compiler
We recommend to use gcc for compiling PolyBoRi, but compiling with Sun STudio's
C++ in principle possible (albeit untested) with the following settings:

Also CPPPATH, LIBPATH and PYTHON might be adjusted to use library/binaries, which
are compatible with the stlport4 option.

See also: Singular/README
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