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Use better Sphinx-ish style for documenting function and method signatures.

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       method, suitable for use in cron jobs or other scheduled
       maintenance tasks: ``manage.py cleanupregistration``.
-   .. method:: create_inactive_user(username, email, password, site, send_email=True)
+   .. method:: create_inactive_user(username, email, password, site[, send_email])
       Creates a new, inactive user account and an associated instance
       of :class:`RegistrationProfile`, sends the activation email and

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 django-registration provides two views. Both are designed to allow
 easy configurability without writing or rewriting view code.
-.. function:: activate(request, backend, template_name='registration/activate.html', success_url=None, extra_context=None, **kwargs)
+.. function:: activate(request, backend[, template_name[, success_url[, extra_context[, **kwargs]]]])
    Activate a user's account, for workflows which require a separate
    activation step.
       ``activate()`` method.
-.. function:: register(request, backend, success_url=None, form_class=None, disallowed_url='registration_disallowed', template_name='registration/registration_form.html', extra_context=None)
+.. function:: register(request, backend[, success_url[, form_class[, disallowed_url[, template_name[, extra_context]]]]])
    Allow a new user to register an account.