James Bennett avatar James Bennett committed 8a1de44

Refactor the "already activated" string into a constant attached to RegistrationProfile

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                 user = profile.user
                 user.is_active = True
-                profile.activation_key = "ALREADY_ACTIVATED"
+                profile.activation_key = self.model.ACTIVATED
                 return user
         return False
     user = models.ForeignKey(User, unique=True, verbose_name=_('user'))
     activation_key = models.CharField(_('activation key'), max_length=40)
         expiration_date = datetime.timedelta(days=settings.ACCOUNT_ACTIVATION_DAYS)
-        return self.activation_key == "ALREADY_ACTIVATED" or \
+        return self.activation_key == self.ACTIVATED or \
                (self.user.date_joined + expiration_date <= datetime.datetime.now())
     activation_key_expired.boolean = True


         # The activation key must now be the string "ALREADY_ACTIVATED".
-        self.failUnlessEqual(RegistrationProfile.objects.get(user=self.sample_user).activation_key, u"ALREADY_ACTIVATED")
+        self.failUnlessEqual(RegistrationProfile.objects.get(user=self.sample_user).activation_key,
+                             RegistrationProfile.ACTIVATED)
         # Activating an expired user returns False.
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