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File document/commands.tex

+%citing websites
+%\newcommand{\wcite}[1]{\cite{#1}} %always use \wcite and switch this comment if using url's as a normal reference
+%citing software
+	[\footnote]
+	{}
+	{\printfield{title} \printfield{version} -- \printfield{url}}
+	{\addcomma\addspace}
+	{}
-\newcommand{\refnt}[1]{\ref{#1} -- \emph{``\nameref{#1}''}}
-\newcommand{\refntt}[1]{\emph{\ref{#1} \nameref{#1} --}}
-\newcommand{\reftn}[1]{\emph{\nameref{#1}} (\ref{#1})}
+%shorts to refer things in a consistent format eg 'ref number title'
+\newcommand{\refnt}[1]{\ref{#1} -- \emph{``\nameref{#1}''}}  %  6.1 – Future Work
+\newcommand{\refntq}[1]{\ref{#1} -- \emph{``\nameref{#1}''}} %  6.1 – “Future Work”
+\newcommand{\refntt}[1]{\emph{\ref{#1} \nameref{#1} --}}	 %  6.1 Future Work –
+\newcommand{\reftn}[1]{\emph{\nameref{#1}} (\ref{#1})}		 %  Future Work (6.1)
 \newcommand{\bold}[1]{{\bfseries #1}}
 \newcommand{\iteme}[1]{\item \emph{#1 --}}
 \newcommand{\itemb}[1]{\item {\bfseries #1 --}}
+%shade table cells
-% Use \reminder{check this} to add the text ("check this") to appear intext in bold between brackets and with an arrow in the notes margins
+% Use \todo{thing}{check this} to underline 'thing' and add the text ("check this") in the notes margins
 % credit to Rares Vernica @
-\newcommand{\todo}[1]{ [[[ {\bf\marginpar{\mbox{\textcolor{istcolor}{$<==$}}} #1 } ]]] }
+% \reminder[optionalcolor]{bla}
+\newcommand{\reminder}[3][istcolor]{ {\color{#1}\marginpar{\textcolor{#1}{\mbox{$\bigotimes$}\scriptsize#3}}\underline{\textcolor{black}{#2}}\color{black}} }

File document/frontmatter/cover.tex

-\newgeometry{margin=2.5cm, marginpar=0pt, marginparsep=0pt}
+\newgeometry{margin=2.5cm, nomarginpar}

File document/lgp.bib

+3D Software
+ title = {Blender},
+ version = {2.69},
+ url = {},
+ urldate = {2014-02},
+ author = {Blender Foundation and Community},
+ year = {1994},
+ keywords = {3dsof}
+ title = {Modo},
+ version = {701},
+ url = {},
+ urldate = {2014-02},
+ author = {The Foundry},
+ year = {2004},
+ keywords = {3dsof}
-  author={Williams, Richard},
+  author={Richard Williams},
   maintitle={The Animator's Survival Kit},
   mainsubtitle = {A Manual of Methods, Principles and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion and Internet Animators},
   edition = {Revised edition},
- author = {Mullen, Tony},
+ author = {Tony Mullen},
  title = {Introducing Character Animation with Blender},
  edition = {2nd Revised edition},
  isbn = {9780470427378},
  keyword = {learning}
+ author = {Chris Totten},
+ title = {Game Character Creation with Blender and Unity},
+ isbn = {9781118172728},
+ year = {2012},
+ publisher = {John Wiley \& Sons Inc},
  author = {Ana Bela Baltazar},
  title = {Dicionário de Língua Gestual Portuguesa},

File document/lgp.pdf

Binary file modified.

File document/lgp.tex

 \usepackage{csquotes} % context sensitive quotation facilities. recommended with babel and biblatex
 \addto{\captionsportuguese}{\renewcommand*{\contentsname}{Índice}} % rename automatic strings for a given language like 'conteúdo' to 'índice'
+\usepackage{ifthen}  % provides conditonals
 \usepackage{graphicx} % manage external pictures
 \graphicspath{ {images/} } % path to the image folder
 \usepackage{caption} % customization of appearance and placement of captions for figures, tables, etc
 \usepackage{color} % adds support for colored tex
 \definecolor{istcolor}{RGB}{0, 157, 224}
 \definecolor{shadecolor}{RGB}{198, 207, 217}
 %\usepackage{booktabs} % tables: for much better looking tables
 %\usepackage{multirow} % tables: create tabular cells spanning multiple rows
 %\usepackage{listings} % to insert programming code within the document
 %\usepackage{array} % for better arrays (eg matrices) in maths
-\usepackage[printonlyused]{acronym} % ensures that all acronyms used are fully spelled at least once. Provides an environment to build a list of acronyms used
+\usepackage[printonlyused]{acronym} % ensures that all acronyms used are fully spelled at least once. Provides an environment to build a list of acronyms
 \usepackage[super]{nth} % the command \nth{<number>} generates English ordinal numbers of the form 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. 'super' puts 'st' in superscript
 \usepackage{xpatch} % extends 'etoolbox' patching commands, recommended use with biblatex
 \usepackage[hidelinks]{hyperref} % used to handle cross-referencing commands to produce hypertext links. Supports bibliography citations and pdf bookmarks
 \usepackage{pdflscape} % make landscape pages display as landscape with pdf support
-\usepackage[margin=2.5cm]{geometry} % complete interface to document dimensions. uses other values from the documentclass
+\usepackage[margin=2.5cm,marginpar=2.2cm,marginparsep=.2cm]{geometry} % complete interface to document dimensions. uses other values from the documentclass
 \savegeometry{main_layout} % use load geometry to reset, but needs to redefine linespacing after (\onehalfspacing)
 \usepackage{anyfontsize} % ensures the fontsize is the requested by scaling the nearest existing one (for weird fontsizes in the cover)
 \let\oldfootnotesize\footnotesize \renewcommand*{\footnotesize}{\oldfootnotesize\fontsize{9pt}{11pt}\selectfont}  % setting footnote size to 9pt
 	\chapter{Conclusions} \label{chap:conc}
 	Contributions and Future work
+	\section{Future Work} \label{sec:fw}
-	\printbibliography[notkeyword=learning,nottype=online,heading=bibintoc]
-	\printbibliography[keyword=learning,title=Learning Portuguese Sign Language]
+	\printbibliography[notkeyword=learning, nottype=online,nottype=software, heading=bibintoc]
+	\printbibliography[keyword=learning, heading=subbibintoc,title=Learning Portuguese Sign Language]

File document/sections/3d.tex
 August 2013, by Alexander Gessler, reviewed by Campbell Barton. Published by Blender Foundation, as public domain information.
+\subsection{Software Packages for Modeling and Animation} \label{sec:3dsoftware}
+Blender \scite{blender}, Maya, 3D Max, Zbrush, Modo \scite{modo}
 \subsection{Pipeline} \label{sec:pipe}
+{\subsection{\reminder{Unity 3D}{this is just copy paste}} \label{sec:unity}
+Why Unity if Blender has its own GameEngine?
+ - possible license problems with blender's GPL
+ - less deploying options
+ - l2f already uses Unity. This should be an ecosystem
+Unity is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in IDE developed by Unity Technologies. It is used to develop video games for web plugins, desktop platforms, consoles and mobile devices.
+Develop once, publish everywhere! Unity is the ultimate tool for video game development, architectural visualizations, and interactive media installations.
+Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community.
+Rapidly assemble your scenes in an intuitive, extensible Editor workspace. Play, test and edit for fast iteration towards your finished game. Learn more
+Create a game with AAA visual fidelity, audio and full-throttle action that performs smooth and clean on any screen. Learn more
+2D \& 3D
+Get dedicated tools for both 2D and 3D content creation with efficient workflows that utilize shared conventions. Learn more
+Unity?s uniquely powerful and flexible animation system brings any character or object to life with incredibly natural and fluid movement. Learn more
+Reliable performance, smooth framerate, and superb game play experiences across target platforms. Learn more
+No other game engine gives you the choice of so many publishing platforms with near-effortless deployment. Learn more
+Full version control for all game assets; instantly grab changes from other team members, and extend Unity for generic VCS support. Learn more

File document/sections/animation.tex

 \subsubsection{Classical Animation} \label{sec:classAnim}
 Classic concepts and terminology \cite{animSK, animTM}
+Keys, Extremes, Frames, time and spacing.
+Ball example.
+Line of Action.
+\subsubsection{Computer Animation} \label{sec:compAnim}
+Computer concepts and terminology \cite{animTM}
+Frames, timing and spacing apply.
+The computer is the inbetweener. F-curves to adjust
+Ball example.
+A Rig
+	Skeletons/Armatures and bones,
+		IK/FK (3rd newton law)
+		Pose to Pose
+	Morph targets/blend shapes,
+	lattices
+	Non-standard bits: fat, floppy years, tails, hair and fur, cloaks. Non-standard hands and faces.
+	Why is this important? -> Because it probably won't work, and may be important for children. It is out of the scope of this work (see \refnt{sec:fw})
+The Dopesheet
+NLA editor
+Compositing / Rendering
+Working with proxies
+Automating everything (rig is done, animation toolkit to generate and skin characters. animations are done, scripting everything)
+this is a bit implementation <- have care
+Motion Capture

File document/sections/lgp.tex

 Where to learn. \wcite{cognos}\cite{diclgp}
-Protection \todo{better word}
+\todo{Protection}{better word}
 Is this official? Does it evolve? Who is responsible, associations, etc.