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 % use 'draft ' to hilight hiphenation problems, but it loads only the images' frames or toc
 %%%%%%%%%% Packages %%%%%%%%%%
 \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % utf8 enconding for input, allows typing 'ê' instead of \^{e}
 \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % T1 is 8bit enconding and uses a 256 glyph font for correct output of accented characters
 %% Title
 \title{Processamento da Língua Natural ao serviço dos portadores de deficiência auditiva}
 %% Author
 \author{Inês Almeida}
+\def\authorfull{Inês Rodrigues Almeida}
+%% Institute, mails and other information to be used in the cover and optionally, somewhere else
+\def\course{Information Systems and Computer Engineering}
+\date{October 2014}
-%% Institute, mails and websites
-\inst{1} \thanks{\href{}{}}}
-\institute{	63556\\
-		MEIC-TagusPark\\
-		Instituto Superior Técnico\\
-		January 2013}
 %% pdf metadata
 \hypersetup{ pdftitle={\@title}, pdfauthor={\@author}, pdfcreator={LaTeX}, bookmarksopen=true }

File document/sections/cover.tex

-\newgeometry{marginpar=0pt, marginparsep=0pt} %margins=2.5cm
+\newgeometry{margin=2.5cm, marginpar=0pt, marginparsep=0pt}
-%image (optional)
-%thesis title
-%subtitle (optional)
-%cadidate full name
-% % Thesis to obtain the Master of Science Degree in / Dissertação para obter o Grau de Mestre em
-% Scientific field (in full)
-% % Júri / Examination Committee
-% full name and category is mandatory
-% date (month and year)
-\thispagestyle {empty}
-\voffset = 10pt
 % IST Logo
-% parameters: bb=llx lly urx ury (bounding box), width=h_length, height=v_length, angle=angle, scale=factor, clip=true/false, draft=true/false. 
+%\includegraphics*[width=5cm, trim=150 200 150 200, clip]{Logo_IST_A_RGB.png}
+\vskip 1cm
+% Image (Optional)
+%{\centering \includegraphics*[height=5cm]{Image.png}\par}
+\vskip 5cm  % uncomment if no image
+\vskip 1cm
+%for font sizes
+\newcommand{\pt}[1]{\fontsize{#1pt}{#1.2pt}\selectfont} % TODO * 1.2 instead of +0.2. use /multiply
-%% Figure (Image or plot)
-% Title, author and degree
-{\bfseries\pt{16} \@title} \\
-%{\pt{14} Subtítulo (facultativo)} \\
-{\bfseries\pt{14} \@author} \\
-{\pt{12} Thesis to obtain the Master of Science Degree in} \\
-{\bfseries\pt{16} Information Systems and Computer Engineering} \\
-{\bfseries\pt{14} Examination Committee} \\
+% Thesis Title
+{\bfseries\pt{16} \@title}
+\vskip 1cm  %commented because my title has 2 lines
+% Subtitle (Optional)  %leave or trim empty space if no subtitle?
+{\pt{14} \subtitle}
+\vskip 2cm
+% Author's full oficial name
+{\bfseries\pt{14} \authorfull}
+\vskip 2cm
+{\pt{12} \iflanguage{portuguese}{Dissertação para obter o Grau de Mestre em}{Thesis to obtain the Master of Science Degree in}}
+\vskip 1cm
+% Scientific field (in full)
+{\bfseries\pt{16} \course}
+\vskip 1.5cm
+{\bfseries\pt{14} \iflanguage{portuguese}{Júri}{Examination Committee}}
+\vskip 1cm
 {\pt{12} %
-Member of the Committee:\\
-\end{tabular} } \\
-{\bfseries\pt{14} November 2014} \\
+% full name and category is mandatory
+\iflanguage{portuguese}{Orientador}{Supervisor}: Prof. Maria Luísa Torres Ribeiro Marques da Silva Coheur\\
+\iflanguage{portuguese}{Vogais}{Members of the Committee}:\\
+}\vskip 1cm
+% date (month and year)
+{\bfseries\pt{14} \@date}
-%is this necesssary ? 
+%\cleardoublepage %is this necesssary ?