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 % % TODO 'main=' outputs error
 \usepackage[portuguese,UKenglish]{babel} % for language support, localization and hyphenation
 \usepackage{csquotes} % context sensitive quotation facilities. recommended with babel and biblatex
+\addto{\captionsportuguese}{\renewcommand*{\contentsname}{Índice}} % rename automatic strings for a given language like 'conteúdo' to 'índice'
 \usepackage{graphicx} % manage external pictures
 \graphicspath{ {images/} } % path to the image folder
 	\chapter*{\iflanguage{portuguese}{Lista de Abreviações}{List of Acronyms}}
-	\chapter{Content} \label{sec:1} %(max 80 pgs)
-	This is the main document text. \todo{Add a figure} It refers web things like links\cite{weblink} and online documents\cite{spec}.
-	Then, there are textbooks\cite{txtbook} or other special kind of references separated by some reason. Acronyms like \ac{UTL} are supported.
-	Finally, the normal things\cite{bailey07gpu}\cite{angelinsights}\cite{gameengine}.
+	%(max 80 pgs)
+	\chapter{Introduction} \label{chap:intro} 
+	Motivation, goals, overview, document structure.
 	\chapter{Background} \label{chap:bg}
+	\chapter{Related Work} \label{chap:rw}
+	\chapter{Proposal} \label{chap:prop}
+	Architecture and Implementation
+	\chapter{Evaluation} \label{chap:eval}
+	\chapter{Conclusions} \label{chap:conc}
+	Contributions and Future work


 % acronym
 \acro{UTL}{Universidade Técnica de Lisboa}
+\acro{UTL}{Universidade Técnica de Lisboa}