Tiny Journey is a graphical adventure where you control a tiny kid with huge dreams. With an engaging storyline, the game features text-based interaction with the world, puzzle-like challenges, and beautiful art and music.

This game was made as an entry for Ludum Dare 23 Game Jam competition under the theme "Tiny World". We've reached the 55th place out of 330 in the overall ranking and our best position was #7 in the 'Mood' ranking. We're also achieved a place in top 50 for 'Graphics', 'Theme' and 'Audio'.

Tiny Journey has been reviewed in two German blogs: "asamakabino" and "superlevel" (de) (en). Tiny Journey was also featured in personal tops and it's now available on Kongregate.

This repository holds a series of ports of the game, starting with HTML5/JavaScript.