ab_finder runs moog with the abfind driver in an iterative fashion to
determine the optimum model atmosphere parameters for a given set of

The sample_input directory contains sample input files for use with
ab_finder.  The 

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -m MOOG_EXE, --moog=MOOG_EXE
                        The path to the moog executable.  Default:
                        The path to the model atmosphere generator.  Default:
  -p PARAMETER_FILE, --parameter-file=PARAMETER_FILE
                        The path to the moog parameter file.  Default: sun.par
  -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file=OUTPUT_FILE
                        The path to the log file.  Default: results.dat
                        Maximum deviation for line clipping.  Default: 2.0
  --no-clip             If given, do not perform line clipping.
                        The abundance ratio to be minimized by varying the
                        surface gravity.  This must be given with quotes.
                        Default: "Fe I/Fe II"

  Initial atmospheric parameter guesses:
                        Initial temperature guess.  Default: 6000.0
                        Initial metallicity guess.  Default: -0.001
                        Initial surface gravity guess.  Default: 4.0
                        Initial microturbulent velocity guess.  Default: 1.0