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+\centerline{\bf Eric J. Hallman, Ph.D.}
+\centerline{\bf Biosketch}
+\centerline{\bf Professional Preparation}
+Boston University & Aerospace Engineering & B.S. 1994 \\
+   University of Minnesota & Astrophysics & Ph.D. 2004 \\
+   Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Colorado &
+   Astrophysics & 2004 -- 2007  \\
+   NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Colorado &
+   Astronomy/Astrophysics & 2007 -- 2010 \\
+   \end{tabular}
+\centerline{\bf Appointments}
+ Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA & Astronomy/Astrophysics & 2010-2011 \\
+   Tech-X Corporation & Research Scientist & 2011-present \\
+\centerline{\bf Brief Biography}
+Dr. Hallman received his PhD in 2004 at the University of Minnesota, studying the large scale
+distribution of shocks in the universe using massively parallel numerical simulations. Additionally,
+Dr. Hallman worked on a project using data from the Chandra X-ray telescope. In 2004, Dr.
+Hallman began work at the University of Colorado as a postdoctoral fellow working on galaxy
+cluster simulations with the hydro/N-body AMR cosmological code Enzo, In 2007, Dr. Hallman
+was awarded a National Science Foundation Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship
+for his application entitled: “Simulating the Universe: Large Area Galaxy Cluster Surveys and
+Synthetic Observing Tools”. Since 2011, Dr. Hallman has been employed
+as a Research Scientist at Tech-X Corporation. 
+\centerline{\bf 10 Relevant Publications }
+\item{{\it Structure and Turbulence in Simulated Galaxy Clusters and the
+    Implications for the Formation of Radio Haloes}, 2011, Hallman,
+    Eric J. and Jeltema, Tesla E.,  MNRAS, 418, 2467.} 
+\item{{\it The Properties of X-ray Cold Fronts in a Statistical Sample of
+    Simulated Galaxy Clusters}, Hallman, Eric J., Skillman, Samuel W.,
+    Jeltema, Tesla E., Smith, Britton D., O’Shea, Brian W., Burns,
+    Jack O., Norman, Michael L., 2010 ApJ, 725, 1053.}
+\item{{\it The Santa Fe Light Cone Simulation Project: II. The Prospects
+    for Direct Detection of the WHIM with SZE Surveys}, 2009, Hallman,
+    Eric J.; O’Shea, Brian W.; Smith, Britton D.; Burns, Jack O.;
+    Norman, Michael L., ApJ, 698, 1795. }
+\item{{\it Cosmological Shocks in Adaptive Mesh Refinement Simulations and
+    the Acceleration of Cosmic Rays}, 2008, Skillman, Samuel W.;
+    O’Shea, Brian W.; Hallman, Eric J.; Burns, Jack O.; Norman,
+    Michael L., ApJ, 689, 1063. }
+\item{{\it On the Origin of Cool Core Galaxy Clusters: Comparing X-ray
+    Observations with Numerical Simulations}, 2009, Henning, Jason W.;
+    Gantner, Brennan; Burns, Jack O.; Hallman, Eric J., ApJ, 697,
+    1597. }
+\item{{\it Cluster Structure in Cosmological Simulations I: Correlation to
+    Observables, Mass Estimates, and Evolution}, 2007, Jeltema, Tesla
+    E.; Hallman, Eric J.; Burns, Jack O.; Motl, Patrick M., ApJ, 681,
+    167. }
+\item{{\it The Santa Fe Light Cone Simulation Project: I. Confusion and the
+    WHIM in Upcoming Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect Surveys}, 2007, Hallman,
+    Eric J., O’Shea, Brian W., Burns, Jack O., Norman, Michael L.,
+    Harkness, Robert, \& Wagner, Rick, 2007, ApJ, 671, 27. }
+\item{{\it The Beta Model Problem: The Incompatibility of X-ray and
+    Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect Model Fitting for Galaxy Clusters}, 2007,
+    Hallman, Eric J., Burns, Jack O., Motl, Patrick M. \& Norman,
+    Michael L., ApJ, 665, 911.}
+\item{{\it Challenges for Precision Cosmology with X-ray and
+Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect Gas Mass Measurements of Galaxy Clusters},
+2006, E.J. Hallman, P.M. Motl, J.O. Burns, \& M.L. Norman, ApJ, 648,
+852. }
+\item{{\it The Integrated Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect as the Superior Method
+    for Measuring the Mass of Clus¬ters of Galaxies}, 2005, P.M. Motl,
+    E.J. Hallman, J.O. Burns, \& M.L. Norman, ApJ, 623, L63. }
+\centerline{\bf Synergistic activities}
+\item {Successful co-applicant to the Teragrid for 2008-2011, and PI of
+  application in 2009-2011, receiving a total of 15 million CPU hours
+  of computing time.}  
+•\item{Named the Deputy Team Leader for the Lunar University Network
+for Astrophysics Research(LUNAR) funded by NASA's National Lunar
+Science Institute at the University of Colorado, a consortium
+dedicated to the study of astrophysical observatories uniquely enabled
+by the lunar surface.}  
+\centerline{\bf Graduate and Postdoctoral Sponsors} 
+Thomas W. Jones, University of Minnesota; Jack Burns, University of
+Colorado; Abraham Loeb, Harvard University
+\centerline{\bf Collaborators}
+Nahum Arav, Virginia Tech;
+Dongsu Ryu, Korea;
+Hyesung Kang, Korea;
+Sam Skillman, Colorado;
+Brian O'Shea, Michigan State University;
+Tesla Jeltema, Lick Observatory;
+Michael Norman, UCSD;
+Robert Harkness, SDSC;
+Rick Wagner, UCSD;
+Matt Turk, Columbia University;
+Jason Henning, Colorado;
+Britton D. Smith, Michigan State University;
+Nils Halverson, Colorado;
+J. Michael Shull, Colorado;
+John T. Stocke, Colorado;
+Quyen Hart, Colorado;
+Charles Danforth, Colorado;
+Michele Trenti, Colorado