Michael Kuhlen avatar Michael Kuhlen committed cc27844

Converted pygrackle to new combined data format.

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         gr_int h2_on_dust
         gr_int cmb_temperature_floor
         gr_int include_metal_heating
-        char *cloudy_table_file
+        char *grackle_data_file
         gr_int three_body_rate
         gr_int cie_cooling
         gr_int h2_optical_depth_approximation
         gr_int photoelectric_heating
         gr_int UVbackground
-        char *UVbackground_file
         # Most of the rest are not user-settable
 cdef extern from "code_units.h":


         def __set__(self, val):
             self.data.photoelectric_heating = val
-    property cloudy_table_file:
+    property grackle_data_file:
         def __get__(self):
-            return self.data.cloudy_table_file
+            return self.data.grackle_data_file
         def __set__(self, val):
-            self.data.cloudy_table_file = val
+            self.data.grackle_data_file = val
     property UVbackground:
         def __get__(self):
         def __set__(self, val):
             self.data.UVbackground = val
-    property UVbackground_file:
-        def __get__(self):
-            return self.data.UVbackground_file
-        def __set__(self, val):
-            self.data.UVbackground_file = val
     property comoving_coordinates:
         def __get__(self):
             return self.units.comoving_coordinates
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