This is a set of tools to create multipane images.  It comes as-is,
with limited support.  The output from using these tools is a
multipane image compiled from a set of FixedResolutionBuffer's (FRBs).
We include an example script of how to make such FRBs and an example
script of how to compile them into a multipane image.  These types of
plots generally take a lot of tweaking to get them to look just right.

Current Caveats:
Only supports log scale.
Does not support periodic plots.  

    This is where the meat of the work is done, creating axes, labels,
    and colorbars.  Edit this at your own risk (or benefit!) as many
    things are created so that axes line up properly.
    An example script that creates fixed resolution buffers. Usage:
    python example_frb_script path_to_parameter_file 

    Input: parameter file.  Other parameters are defined inside the
    file, which should be changed to your liking.

    Output: In the directory containing the parameter file, there will
    be both the yt-generated images from the plot collection as well
    as an hdf5 file containing the fixed resolution buffers.
    An example script that takes the hdf5 file with fixed resolution
    buffers, and creates a multipane image with colorbars.

    Input: None, but parameters are defined within the file.

    Output: In the same directory as the hdf5 file, there will be a
    new image called projection_multi_image.png.  
    This directory contains an example of plotting particle data 
    over the projection images.  See in there for more detail.

If you want to test this, you can use yt's dataset moving7_0010 by
first changing directories to yt/tests/DD0010, then running the

python DD0010/moving7_0010

At the end, there should be a projection_multi_iamge.png inside DD0010.

Good luck!