1. Britton Smith
  2. queue_stat


queue_stat - statistical information from job queues that use qstat.

Author: Britton D. Smith <brittonsmith@gmail.com>
Date: Maybe 2004ish?
Affiliation: Michigan State University
Homepage: http://hub.yt-project.org/

Usage: ./queue_stat [-l <int>] [user1 user2 ...]

queue_stat will gather statistics on number of jobs and processors in various 
states, such as queued, running, held, complete, as well as cpu hours devoted 
to each of these (thanks to Cameron Hummels).  It will also return information 
on users with the highest number of queued and running jobs and cpus.  All 
job entries for the user, as well as other users given on the command line, are 
also given.