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Fixing a small typo and adding information on how to access halo mass function
stuff without writing to disk.

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File source/analysis_modules/halo_mass_function.rst

   from yt.analysis_modules.halo_mass_function.api import *
   hmf = HaloMassFcn(None, omega_matter0=0.3, omega_lambda0=0.7,
   omega_baryon0=0.06, hubble0=.7, this_redshift=0., log_mass_min=8.,
-  log_mass_max=13., sigma8input=0.9, primordial_index=1., omega_baryon0=0.06,
+  log_mass_max=13., sigma8input=0.9, primordial_index=1.,
   hmf.write_out(prefix="hmf-press-schechter", fit=True, haloes=False)
+It is possible to access the output of the halo mass function without saving
+to disk. The content is stored in arrays hanging off the ``HaloMassFcn''
+  * ``hmf.logmassarray`` for log10 of mass bin.
+  * ``hmf.massarray`` for mass bin.
+  * ``hmf.dn_M_z`` for (dn/dM)*dM (analytical fit).
+  * ``hmf.nofmz_cum`` for cumulative number density of halos (analytical fit).
+  * ``hmf.dis`` for cumulative number density of halos (from provided halo
+    halo information).