DataSplat module for Splatalogue

Brian Kent, NRAO for Anthony Remijan

Requires access to a splataslap web service for querying the spectral line access database splatalogue.

usage: python datasplatclass.py

DataSplat [-h] [--version] [--socket] [--host HOST] [--port PORT]
[--gui] [--stdoutxml] [--stdoutascii] [--inputxml INPUTXML] [--inputascii INPUTASCII] [--outputxml OUTPUTXML] [--outputascii OUTPUTASCII] [--offline] [--demo]

DataSplat server module for computing intensities from Splatalogue data

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--version show program's version number and exit
--socket Run server to listen for XML in put on a socket
--host HOST Specify host on which to listen
--port PORT Specify port for socket to listen
--gui Interact with DataSplat via a GUI
--stdoutxml Print freq and intensities to screen/stdout as XML
--stdoutascii Print freq and intensities to screen as ASCII
--inputxml INPUTXML
 Use an XML formatted file for input parameters
--inputascii INPUTASCII
 Use an ASCII formatted file for input parameters
--outputxml OUTPUTXML
 Print freq and intensities to XML file
--outputascii OUTPUTASCII
 Print freq and intensities to ASCII file
--offline Use offline version of Splatalogue
--demo Run demo of DataSplat

Example session at the python, IPython, or CASA prompt:

import datasplatclass





d.writeXMLSticks(filename='test.xml', stdout=True, fileout=False)

d.printResults(filename='test.dat', stdout=True, fileout=False)


Learn more at http://www.splatalogue.net/