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5 post series about creating a 2D version of this map generator

-Are you actively working on Map Generator?

Nope not really. I believe I haven’t done anything for months now. I just lost interest I guess, it happens. I never finish whatever I do.

-Well I don’t get this part of the code, can you help me?

Of course, I would love to do whatever I can. Just mail me and ask whatever you have on your mind.

-You know this code is terrible right?

Yea I know that. I tend to write gibberish stuff when I’m experimenting. Also note that I was/am still an amateur at XNA when I wrote those stuff.

-Why do you even have those hundreds of commented out lines?

Because I hate deleting code no matter what. I just can’t help it. There is nothing anyone could do about it now so bear with it.

-I think I have a nice idea, would you be interested in helping?

Yes, totally. As I said before I just lost interest in it. If you have any idea or whatever that excites me, I’ll sure be interested. It would be nice if you fork your own project, try out it yourself and show me what you have in mind first though.

-Will you bitch about it if I get rich off your code?

No one is getting rich off that code. But in case some miracle happens, yes I’ll sure bitch about it but won’t do anything else. So feel free to use it wherever/however you want.

-Wait, uh it doesn’t run on my computer…

I’m sorry but there is nothing I can do about it. I’m not willing to support it really. But if any files are missing on the repository ( I might have forgot ) let me know and I’ll add them as soon as possible.

-I totally forgot about this stuff, what does it looks like?

I think I was experimenting on some more “artistic” stuff lately so this is the latest screenshot;

without that wireframe test, it should look something like this;

Note that this last one is a rather old screenshot so some stuff might be different.

-But I have more questions??

Mail me. Don’t be shy.