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Added a changelog for the upcoming 0.6 release

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+Version 0.6
+* Added support for specifying options in ``.cramrc`` (configurable
+  with the ``CRAMRC`` environment variable).
+* Added a ``--shell`` option to change the shell tests are run with
+  (contributed by `Kamil Kisiel`_).
+* Added the long option ``--preserve-env`` for ``-E``.
+.. _Kamil Kisiel:
 Version 0.5 (Jan. 8, 2011)
 * **The test format has changed:** Matching output not ending in a
 * Tests are no longer required to end in a trailing newline.
 Version 0.4 (Sep. 28, 2010)
 * **The test format has changed:** Output lines containing regular
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