Crash on 3.2.3

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Issue #28 resolved
Maximilien Riehl created an issue


We're having problems on python 3.2.3 (the travis version of 3.2).

Basically the root problem seems to be

output = p.communicate(input=''.join(stdin))[0]

Which tries to (afaik?) use input as a buffer. Probably related to It's passing on 3.3, so...

Here's the traceback :

[ERROR] Traceback (most recent call last):
[ERROR]   File "/home/travis/virtualenv/python3.2/bin/cram", line 4, in <module>
[ERROR]     sys.exit(cram.main(sys.argv[1:]))
[ERROR]   File "/home/travis/virtualenv/python3.2/lib/python3.2/site-packages/", line 505, in main
[ERROR]     patchcmd, answer, opts.indent)
[ERROR]   File "/home/travis/virtualenv/python3.2/lib/python3.2/site-packages/", line 322, in run
[ERROR]     refout, postout, diff = test(abspath, shell, indent)
[ERROR]   File "/home/travis/virtualenv/python3.2/lib/python3.2/site-packages/", line 202, in test
[ERROR]     output = p.communicate(input=''.join(stdin))[0]
[ERROR]   File "/usr/lib/python3.2/", line 819, in communicate
[ERROR]     return self._communicate(input)
[ERROR]   File "/usr/lib/python3.2/", line 1425, in _communicate
[ERROR]     stdout, stderr = self._communicate_with_poll(input)
[ERROR]   File "/usr/lib/python3.2/", line 1492, in _communicate_with_poll
[ERROR]     input_offset += os.write(fd, chunk)
[ERROR] TypeError: 'str' does not support the buffer interface

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  1. Brodie Rao repo owner

    I've fixed this in cd9d047. This'll go out with a 0.7 release sometime this week.

    Thanks for the report, and sorry for the long delay in responding.

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