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+This extension provides an "involving" command. This command lists, in
+descending order, commits containing the query string in the commit
+message, the user name, or in the names of affected files. In other
+words, this is an alias for "hg log -r 'sort(grep("\b...") [and ...],
+If the query string ends with a number, grep will not match words that
+contain more numbers (i.e., "issue26" won't match "issue260"). To
+disable this behavior, add "*" to the end of query (this can also be
+added to the beginning of the query).
+Any extra "-r" options are added to the query using the "and"
+keyword. So, for example, "hg involving -r 'branch(stable)' foo"
+searches for changes involving "foo" on the stable branch only.