reposettings is an extension for Mercurial that allows configuration of ui and web stanzas for individual repositories from one config.

For example:

base = /srv/hg

[ui path/to/repo]
contact = John Doe <john.doe@widgets.inc>
description = Widget factory

[web path/to/repo path/to/another/repo]
allow_read = joe, jane

The path specified will match any repositories at or below that directory. Paths are parsed with a Unix shell-like syntax (using shlex), allowing escaped characters and quoted values.

Sections marked with "(global)" will have their settings added to repository-specific sections. So for example, given the following:

allow_read = admin

[web (global)]
allow_push = admin

[web path/to/repo]
allow_read = jack
allow_push = jack

The effective settings become:

[web path/to/repo]
allow_read = jack
allow_push = admin, jack


  • This extension requires Mercurial 1.1 or newer.
  • This extension doesn't use hgwebdir's configuration file. If you're trying to apply settings to an hgwebdir instance, set HOME in the runner script and put your settings in $HOME/.hgrc.


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