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Recent activity

Brodie Rao

Brodie Rao pushed 4 commits to brodie/vimfiles

6b7ee32 - Make ,1/2/3 onyl resize the window in GUI mode
70936d5 - Update plugins
8caed17 - Remove YouCompleteMe (I'm tired of it locking up Vim and generally being a jerk)
79b6dd9 - Only enable spell checking in the GUI (until I find a nice way to display it in the terminal)
Brodie Rao

Brodie Rao pushed 3 commits to brodie/vimfiles

02e7160 - Disable smart splitting in the terminal
52d81e2 - Temporarily disable shiftround (it interferes with reindenting in visual mode)
bedba99 - Fix bad setting of formatoptions
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