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 [submodule "bundle/pyflakes"]
 	path = bundle/pyflakes
 	url = https://github.com/brodie/pyflakes-pathogen.git
-[submodule "bundle/solarized"]
-	path = bundle/solarized
-	url = https://github.com/altercation/vim-colors-solarized.git
 [submodule "bundle/coffee-script"]
 	path = bundle/coffee-script
 	url = https://github.com/kchmck/vim-coffee-script.git
 [submodule "bundle/showtrailingwhitespace"]
 	path = bundle/showtrailingwhitespace
 	url = https://github.com/vim-scripts/ShowTrailingWhitespace.git
+[submodule "bundle/yaifa"]
+	path = bundle/yaifa
+	url = https://github.com/Raimondi/YAIFA

Submodule bundle/solarized

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-Subproject commit 528a59f26d12278698bb946f8fb82a63711eec21

Submodule bundle/yaifa

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+Subproject commit efa1e15e3ba856d44a7dc78651339d336ee3ceee

File colors/billw.vim

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-" vim: set tw=0 sw=4 sts=4 et:
-" Vim color file
-" Maintainer: Datila Carvalho <datila@saci.homeip.net>
-" Last Change: November, 3, 2003
-" Version: 0.1
-" This is a VIM's version of the emacs color theme
-" _Billw_ created by Bill White.
-set background=dark
-hi clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-    syntax reset
-let g:colors_name = "billw"
-""" Colors
-" GUI colors
-hi Cursor               guifg=fg guibg=cornsilk
-hi CursorIM             guifg=NONE guibg=cornsilk
-"hi Directory
-"hi DiffAdd
-"hi DiffChange
-"hi DiffDelete
-"hi DiffText
-hi ErrorMsg             gui=bold guifg=White guibg=Red
-"hi VertSplit
-"hi Folded
-"hi FoldColumn
-"hi IncSearch
-"hi LineNr
-hi ModeMsg              gui=bold
-"hi MoreMsg
-"hi NonText
-hi Normal               guibg=black guifg=cornsilk
-"hi Question
-hi Search               gui=bold guifg=Black guibg=cornsilk
-"hi SpecialKey
-hi StatusLine           guifg=orange1
-hi StatusLineNC         guifg=yellow4
-"hi Title
-hi Visual               guifg=gray35 guibg=fg
-hi VisualNOS            gui=bold guifg=black guibg=fg
-hi WarningMsg           guifg=White guibg=Tomato
-"hi WildMenu
-" Colors for syntax highlighting
-hi Comment              guifg=gold
-hi Constant             guifg=mediumspringgreen
-    hi String           guifg=orange
-    hi Character        guifg=orange
-    hi Number           guifg=mediumspringgreen
-    hi Boolean          guifg=mediumspringgreen
-    hi Float            guifg=mediumspringgreen
-hi Identifier           guifg=yellow
-    hi Function         guifg=mediumspringgreen
-hi Statement            gui=bold guifg=cyan1
-    hi Conditional      gui=bold guifg=cyan1
-    hi Repeat           gui=bold guifg=cyan1
-    hi Label            guifg=cyan1
-    hi Operator         guifg=cyan1
-    "hi Keyword
-    "hi Exception
-hi PreProc              guifg=LightSteelBlue
-    hi Include          guifg=LightSteelBlue
-    hi Define           guifg=LightSteelBlue
-    hi Macro            guifg=LightSteelBlue
-    hi PreCondit        guifg=LightSteelBlue
-hi Type                 guifg=yellow
-    hi StorageClass     guifg=cyan1
-    hi Structure        gui=bold guifg=cyan1
-    hi Typedef          guifg=cyan1
-"hi Special
-    ""Underline Character
-    "hi SpecialChar      gui=underline
-    "hi Tag              gui=bold,underline
-    ""Statement
-    "hi Delimiter        gui=bold
-    ""Bold comment (in Java at least)
-    "hi SpecialComment   gui=bold
-    "hi Debug            gui=bold
-hi Underlined           gui=underline
-hi Ignore               guifg=bg
-hi Error                gui=bold guifg=White guibg=Red
-"hi Todo
-hi Pmenu        guifg=#00ffff guibg=#000000            ctermbg=0 ctermfg=6
-hi PmenuSel     guifg=#ffff00 guibg=#000000 gui=bold   cterm=bold ctermfg=3
-hi PmenuSbar    guibg=#204d40                          ctermbg=6
-hi PmenuThumb   guifg=#38ff56                          ctermfg=3

File colors/candycode.vim

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-" Vim color file -- candycode
-" Maintainer:   Justin Constantino <goflyapig-at-gmail-com>
-" Last Change:  2006 Aug 12
-set background=dark
-highlight clear
-let g:colors_name="candycode"
-let save_cpo = &cpo
-set cpo&vim
-" basic highlight groups (:help highlight-groups) {{{
-" text {{{
-hi Normal       guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#050505       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=black       cterm=NONE
-hi Folded       guifg=#c2bfa5       guibg=#050505       gui=underline
-            \   ctermfg=lightgray   ctermbg=black       cterm=underline
-hi LineNr       guifg=#928c75       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=darkgray    ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi Directory    guifg=#00bbdd       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=cyan        ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi NonText      guifg=#77ff22       guibg=NONE          gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=yellow      ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi SpecialKey   guifg=#559933       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=green       ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi SpellBad     guifg=NONE          guibg=NONE          gui=undercurl
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=darkred     guisp=#ff0011
-hi SpellCap     guifg=NONE          guibg=NONE          gui=undercurl
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=darkblue    guisp=#0044ff
-hi SpellLocal   guifg=NONE          guibg=NONE          gui=undercurl
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=cyan        guisp=#00dd99   
-hi SpellRare    guifg=NONE          guibg=NONE          gui=undercurl
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=darkmagenta guisp=#ff22ee   
-hi DiffAdd      guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#126493       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=darkblue    cterm=NONE
-hi DiffChange   guifg=#000000       guibg=#976398       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=darkmagenta cterm=NONE
-hi DiffDelete   guifg=#000000       guibg=#be1923       gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=red         cterm=bold
-hi DiffText     guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#976398       gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=green       cterm=bold
-" }}}
-" borders / separators / menus {{{
-hi FoldColumn   guifg=#c8bcb9       guibg=#786d65       gui=bold            
-            \   ctermfg=lightgray   ctermbg=darkgray    cterm=NONE
-hi SignColumn   guifg=#c8bcb9       guibg=#786d65       gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=lightgray   ctermbg=darkgray    cterm=NONE
-hi Pmenu        guifg=#000000       guibg=#a6a190       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=darkgray    cterm=NONE
-hi PmenuSel     guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#133293       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=lightblue   cterm=NONE
-hi PmenuSbar    guifg=NONE          guibg=#555555       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=black       cterm=NONE
-hi PmenuThumb   guifg=NONE          guibg=#cccccc       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=gray        ctermbg=gray        cterm=NONE
-hi StatusLine   guifg=#000000       guibg=#c2bfa5       gui=bold    
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=white       cterm=bold
-hi StatusLineNC guifg=#444444       guibg=#c2bfa5       gui=NONE    
-            \   ctermfg=darkgray    ctermbg=white       cterm=NONE
-hi WildMenu     guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#133293       gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=darkblue    cterm=bold
-hi VertSplit    guifg=#c2bfa5       guibg=#c2bfa5       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=white       cterm=NONE
-hi TabLine      guifg=#000000       guibg=#c2bfa5       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=white       cterm=NONE
-hi TabLineFill  guifg=#000000       guibg=#c2bfa5       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=white       cterm=NONE
-hi TabLineSel   guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#133293       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=black       cterm=NONE
-"hi Menu
-"hi Scrollbar
-"hi Tooltip
-" }}}
-" cursor / dynamic / other {{{
-hi Cursor       guifg=#000000       guibg=#ffff99       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=white       cterm=NONE
-hi CursorIM     guifg=#000000       guibg=#aaccff       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=white       cterm=reverse
-hi CursorLine   guifg=NONE          guibg=#1b1b1b       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=NONE        ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE          guibg=#1b1b1b       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=NONE        ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi Visual       guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#606070       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=lightblue   cterm=NONE
-hi IncSearch    guifg=#000000       guibg=#eedd33       gui=bold 
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=yellow      cterm=NONE
-hi Search       guifg=#efefd0       guibg=#937340       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=darkgreen   cterm=NONE
-hi MatchParen   guifg=NONE          guibg=#3377aa       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=blue        cterm=NONE
-"hi VisualNOS
-" }}}
-" listings / messages {{{
-hi ModeMsg      guifg=#eecc18       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=yellow      ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi Title        guifg=#dd4452       guibg=NONE          gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=red         ctermbg=NONE        cterm=bold
-hi Question     guifg=#66d077       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=green       ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi MoreMsg      guifg=#39d049       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=green       ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi ErrorMsg     guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#ff0000       gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=red         cterm=bold
-hi WarningMsg   guifg=#ccae22       guibg=NONE          gui=bold    
-            \   ctermfg=yellow      ctermbg=NONE        cterm=bold
-" }}}
-" }}}
-" syntax highlighting groups (:help group-name) {{{
-hi Comment      guifg=#ff9922       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=brown       ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi Constant     guifg=#ff6050       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=red         ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi Boolean      guifg=#ff6050       guibg=NONE          gui=bold  
-            \   ctermfg=red         ctermbg=NONE        cterm=bold
-hi Identifier   guifg=#eecc44       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=yellow      ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi Statement    guifg=#66d077       guibg=NONE          gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=green       ctermbg=NONE        cterm=bold
-hi PreProc      guifg=#bb88dd       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=darkmagenta ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi Type         guifg=#4093cc       guibg=NONE          gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=lightblue   ctermbg=NONE        cterm=bold
-hi Special      guifg=#9999aa       guibg=NONE          gui=bold  
-            \   ctermfg=lightgray   ctermbg=NONE        cterm=bold
-hi Underlined   guifg=#80a0ff       guibg=NONE          gui=underline
-            \   ctermfg=NONE        ctermbg=NONE        cterm=underline
-            \   term=underline 
-hi Ignore       guifg=#888888       guibg=NONE          gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=darkgray    ctermbg=NONE        cterm=NONE
-hi Error        guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#ff0000       gui=NONE
-            \   ctermfg=white       ctermbg=red         cterm=NONE
-hi Todo         guifg=#ffffff       guibg=#ee7700       gui=bold
-            \   ctermfg=black       ctermbg=yellow      cterm=bold
-" }}}
-let &cpo = save_cpo
-" vim: fdm=marker fdl=0

File colors/cloudsmidnight.vim

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-" Vim color file
-" Converted from Textmate theme Clouds Midnight using Coloration v0.2.4 (http://github.com/sickill/coloration)
-set background=dark
-highlight clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-  syntax reset
-let g:colors_name = "Clouds Midnight"
-hi Cursor           guifg=NONE    guibg=#7da5dc gui=NONE
-hi Visual           guifg=NONE    guibg=#000000 gui=NONE
-hi CursorLine       guifg=NONE    guibg=#1f1f1f gui=NONE
-hi CursorColumn     guifg=NONE    guibg=#1f1f1f gui=NONE
-hi ColorColumn      guifg=NONE    guibg=#1f1f1f gui=NONE
-hi LineNr           guifg=#565656 guibg=#191919 gui=NONE
-hi VertSplit        guifg=#303030 guibg=#303030 gui=NONE
-hi MatchParen       guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi StatusLine       guifg=#929292 guibg=#303030 gui=bold
-hi StatusLineNC     guifg=#929292 guibg=#303030 gui=NONE
-hi Pmenu            guifg=NONE    guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi PmenuSel         guifg=NONE    guibg=#000000 gui=NONE
-hi IncSearch        guifg=NONE    guibg=#413a2f gui=NONE
-hi Search           guifg=NONE    guibg=#413a2f gui=NONE
-hi Directory        guifg=NONE    guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Folded           guifg=#3c403b guibg=#191919 gui=NONE
-hi Normal           guifg=#929292 guibg=#191919 gui=NONE
-hi Boolean          guifg=#39946a guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Character        guifg=NONE    guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Comment          guifg=#3c403b guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Conditional      guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Constant         guifg=NONE    guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Define           guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi ErrorMsg         guifg=#ffffff guibg=#e92e2e gui=NONE
-hi WarningMsg       guifg=#ffffff guibg=#e92e2e gui=NONE
-hi Float            guifg=#46a609 guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Function         guifg=NONE    guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Identifier       guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Keyword          guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Label            guifg=#5d90cd guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi NonText          guifg=#333333 guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Number           guifg=#46a609 guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Operator         guifg=#4b4b4b guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi PreProc          guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Special          guifg=#929292 guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi SpecialKey       guifg=#bfbfbf guibg=#1f1f1f gui=NONE
-hi Statement        guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi StorageClass     guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi String           guifg=#5d90cd guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Tag              guifg=#606060 guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Title            guifg=#929292 guibg=NONE    gui=bold
-hi Todo             guifg=#3c403b guibg=NONE    gui=inverse,bold
-hi Type             guifg=NONE    guibg=NONE    gui=NONE
-hi Underlined       guifg=NONE    guibg=NONE    gui=underline
-hi rubyClass  guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyFunction  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyInterpolationDelimiter  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubySymbol  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyConstant  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyStringDelimiter  guifg=#5d90cd guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyBlockParameter  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyInstanceVariable  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyInclude  guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyGlobalVariable  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyRegexp  guifg=#5d90cd guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyRegexpDelimiter  guifg=#5d90cd guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyEscape  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyControl  guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyClassVariable  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyOperator  guifg=#4b4b4b guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyException  guifg=#927c5d guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyPseudoVariable  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyRailsUserClass  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyRailsARAssociationMethod  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyRailsARMethod  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyRailsRenderMethod  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi rubyRailsMethod  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi erubyDelimiter  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi erubyComment  guifg=#3c403b guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi erubyRailsMethod  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi htmlTag  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi htmlEndTag  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi htmlTagName  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi htmlArg  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi htmlSpecialChar  guifg=#a165ac guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi javaScriptFunction  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi javaScriptRailsFunction  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi javaScriptBraces  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi yamlKey  guifg=#606060 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi yamlAnchor  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi yamlAlias  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi yamlDocumentHeader  guifg=#5d90cd guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi cssURL  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi cssFunctionName  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi cssColor  guifg=#a165ac guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi cssPseudoClassId  guifg=#606060 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi cssClassName  guifg=#e92e2e guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi cssValueLength  guifg=#46a609 guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi cssCommonAttr  guifg=#a165ac guibg=NONE gui=NONE
-hi cssBraces  guifg=NONE guibg=NONE gui=NONE

File colors/darkZ.vim

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-" Vim color file
-" Create by Andy
-" QQ24375048
-set background=dark
-if version > 580
-    hi clear
-    if exists("syntax_on")
-	syntax reset
-    endif
-let g:colors_name="darkZ"
-hi Normal	guifg=#DFD6C1 guibg=gray14 gui=none
-" highlight groups
-hi Cursor       guifg=black          guibg=yellow		gui=none
-hi ErrorMsg     guifg=white          guibg=red			gui=none
-hi VertSplit    guifg=gray40         guibg=gray40		gui=none
-hi Folded       guifg=DarkSlateGray3 guibg=grey30		gui=none
-hi FoldColumn   guifg=tan            guibg=grey30		gui=none
-hi IncSearch    guifg=#b0ffff        guibg=#2050d0
-hi LineNr       guifg=burlywood3     gui=none
-hi ModeMsg      guifg=SkyBlue        gui=none
-hi MoreMsg      guifg=SeaGreen       gui=none
-hi NonText      guifg=cyan           gui=none
-hi Question     guifg=springgreen    gui=none
-hi Search       guifg=gray80         guibg=#445599		gui=none
-hi SpecialKey   guifg=cyan           gui=none
-hi StatusLine   guifg=black          guibg=Pink		gui=bold
-hi StatusLineNC guifg=grey           guibg=gray40		gui=none
-hi Title        guifg=#ff4400        gui=none			gui=bold
-hi Visual       guifg=gray17         guibg=tan1			gui=none
-hi WarningMsg   guifg=salmon         gui=none
-hi Pmenu        guifg=white          guibg=#445599		gui=none
-hi PmenuSel     guifg=#445599        guibg=gray
-hi WildMenu     guifg=gray           guibg=gray17		gui=none
-hi MatchParen	guifg=cyan           guibg=#6C6C6C		gui=bold
-hi DiffAdd      guifg=black          guibg=wheat1
-hi DiffChange   guifg=black          guibg=skyblue1
-hi DiffText     guifg=black          guibg=hotpink1		gui=none
-hi DiffDelete   guibg=gray45         guifg=black		gui=none
-" syntax highlighting groups
-hi Comment      guifg=gray50         gui=italic
-hi Constant     guifg=#FF77FF        gui=none
-hi Identifier   guifg=#6FDEF8        gui=none
-hi Function     guifg=#82EF2A        gui=none
-hi Statement    guifg=#FCFC63        gui=none
-hi PreProc      guifg=#82EF2A        gui=none
-hi Type         guifg=#33AFF3        gui=none
-hi Special      guifg=orange          gui=none
-hi Ignore       guifg=red            gui=none
-hi Todo         guifg=red            guibg=yellow2     gui=none
-" color terminal definitions
-hi SpecialKey   ctermfg=red
-hi NonText      cterm=bold           ctermfg=darkblue
-hi Directory    ctermfg=darkcyan
-hi ErrorMsg     cterm=bold           ctermfg=7         ctermbg=1
-hi IncSearch    cterm=NONE           ctermfg=yellow    ctermbg=green
-hi Search       cterm=NONE           ctermfg=white     ctermbg=grey
-hi MoreMsg      ctermfg=darkgreen
-hi ModeMsg      cterm=NONE           ctermfg=brown
-hi LineNr       ctermfg=3
-hi Question     ctermfg=green
-hi StatusLine   cterm=bold,reverse
-hi StatusLineNC cterm=reverse
-hi VertSplit    cterm=reverse
-hi Title        ctermfg=5
-hi Visual       cterm=reverse
-hi VisualNOS    cterm=bold,underline
-hi WarningMsg   ctermfg=1
-hi WildMenu     ctermfg=0            ctermbg=3
-hi Folded       ctermfg=darkgrey     ctermbg=NONE
-hi FoldColumn   ctermfg=darkgrey     ctermbg=NONE
-hi DiffAdd      ctermbg=4
-hi DiffChange   ctermbg=5
-hi DiffDelete   cterm=bold           ctermfg=4         ctermbg=6
-hi DiffText     cterm=bold           ctermbg=1
-hi Comment      ctermfg=darkcyan
-hi Constant     ctermfg=brown
-hi Special      ctermfg=5
-hi Identifier   ctermfg=6
-hi Statement    ctermfg=3
-hi PreProc      ctermfg=5
-hi Type         ctermfg=2
-hi Underlined   cterm=underline      ctermfg=5
-hi Ignore       ctermfg=darkgrey
-hi Error        cterm=bold           ctermfg=7         ctermbg=1

File colors/darkbone.vim

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-" Name:		darkbone.vim
-" Maintainer:	Kojo Sugita
-" Last Change:	2008-11-22
-" Revision:	1.1
-set background=dark
-hi clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-  syntax reset
-let g:colors_name = 'darkbone'
-"default colors
-hi Normal	guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=#000000
-hi NonText	guifg=#606080 guibg=#101020 gui=none
-hi SpecialKey	guifg=#404060
-hi Cursor	guifg=#000000 guibg=#a0a0c0
-hi CursorLine	guibg=#303050
-hi lCursor	guifg=#000000 guibg=#a0a0c0
-hi CursorIM	guifg=#000000 guibg=#a0a0c0
-" Directory
-hi Directory	guifg=#e0e0ff guibg=#000000 gui=bold
-" Diff
-hi DiffAdd	guifg=#8090f0 guibg=#000000 gui=none
-hi DiffChange	guifg=#8090f0 guibg=#000000 gui=none
-hi DiffDelete	guifg=#8090f0 guibg=#000000 gui=none
-hi DiffText	guifg=#8090f0 guibg=#000000 gui=bold
-" Message
-hi ModeMsg	guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=#000000
-hi MoreMsg	guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=#000000
-hi ErrorMsg	guifg=#ee1111 guibg=#000000
-hi WarningMsg	guifg=#ee1111 guibg=#000000
-hi VertSplit	guifg=#606080 guibg=#606080
-" Folds
-hi Folded	guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=#000000
-hi FoldColumn	guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=#102010
-" Search
-hi Search	guifg=#000000 guibg=#c0c0ff gui=none
-hi IncSearch	guifg=#000000 guibg=#c0c0ff gui=none
-hi LineNr	guifg=#606080 guibg=#000000 gui=none
-hi Question	guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=#000000
-"\n, \0, %d, %s, etc...
-" hi Special	guifg=#d0e080 guibg=#000000 gui=none
-hi Special	guifg=#808080 guibg=#000000 gui=none
-" status line
-hi StatusLine	guifg=#c0c0ff guibg=#000000 gui=bold,underline
-hi StatusLineNC	guifg=#606080 guibg=#000000 gui=bold,underline
-hi WildMenu	guifg=#000000 guibg=#c0c0ff
-hi Title	guifg=#c0c0ff guibg=#000000 gui=bold
-hi Visual	guifg=#000000 guibg=#707090 gui=none
-hi VisualNOS	guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=#000000
-hi Number	guifg=#d0e080 guibg=#000000
-hi Char		guifg=#d0e080 guibg=#000000
-hi String	guifg=#d0e080 guibg=#000000
-hi Boolean	guifg=#d0e080 guibg=#000000
-hi Comment	guifg=#606080
-hi Constant 	guifg=#f0a0b0 guibg=#000000 gui=none
-hi Identifier	guifg=#8090f0
-hi Statement	guifg=#8090f0 gui=none
-"Procedure name
-hi Function	guifg=#f0b040
-"Define, def
-" hi PreProc	guifg=#f0a0b0 gui=none
-hi PreProc	guifg=#e0e0ff gui=none
-hi Type		guifg=#e0e0ff gui=none
-hi Underlined	guifg=#a0a0c0 gui=underline
-hi Error	guifg=#ee1111 guibg=#000000
-hi Todo		guifg=#8090f0 guibg=#000000 gui=none
-hi SignColumn   guibg=#000000
-" Matches
-hi MatchParen	guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=#404080 gui=none
-if version >= 700
-  " Pmenu
-  hi Pmenu	guibg=#202040
-  hi PmenuSel	guibg=#404080 guifg=#a0a0c0
-  hi PmenuSbar	guibg=#202040
-  " Tab
-  hi TabLine	  guifg=#606080 guibg=black gui=underline
-  hi TabLineFill  guifg=#a0a0c0 guibg=black gui=none
-  hi TabLineSel	  guifg=#c0c0ff guibg=#606080 gui=bold
-" vim:set ts=8 sts=2 sw=2 tw=0:

File colors/darkdevel.vim

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-" Darkdevel Vim color scheme
-" Name:         darkdevel.vim
-" Maintainer:   Hallison Batista <email@hallisonbatista.com> 
-" Last Change:  2009-03-17 
-" License:      Public Domain
-" Version:      1.1.1
-highlight clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-  syntax reset
-let g:colors_name = "darkdevel"
-" General settings
-" ================
-set background=dark
-if v:version > 700
-  set cursorline
-  "set cursorcolumn
-let g:Darkdevel = {}
-let g:Darkdevel.cursor = {}
-let g:Darkdevel.cursor.ctermfg = 'NONE'
-let g:Darkdevel.cursor.guifg   = '#000000'
-let g:Darkdevel.cursor.ctermbg = 'NONE'
-let g:Darkdevel.cursor.guibg   = '#FFFFFF'
-let g:Darkdevel.comment = {}
-let g:Darkdevel.comment.ctermfg = 'DarkGray'
-let g:Darkdevel.comment.guifg   = '#646464'
-let g:Darkdevel.comment.ctermbg = 'NONE'
-let g:Darkdevel.comment.guibg   = 'NONE'
-" Cursor style
-" ============
-  highlight Cursor          ctermfg=NONE        guifg=#000000     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=#FFFFFF
-  "highlight CursorIM      
-  highlight CursorColumn    ctermfg=NONE        guifg=NONE        ctermbg=DarkGray    guibg=#0F0F0F
-  highlight CursorLine      ctermfg=NONE        guifg=NONE        ctermbg=DarkGray    guibg=#0F0F0F
-" Directory style
-" ===============
-  "highlight Directory       ctermbg=NONE        guifg=NONE        ctermbg=NONE        guibg=NONE      cterm=bold    gui=underline
-" Diff text style
-" ===============
-  highlight DiffAdd         ctermfg=DarkGreen   guifg=#32BE32     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=NONE
-  "highlight DiffChange  
-  highlight DiffDelete      ctermfg=DarkRed     guifg=#BE3232     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=NONE
-  "highlight DiffText  
-" Text and message style
-" ======================
-  highlight ErrorMsg        ctermfg=Red         guifg=#FF0000     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=NONE
-  highlight WarningMsg      ctermfg=Yellow      guifg=Yellow      ctermbg=NONE        guibg=NONE
-  highlight MoreMsg         ctermfg=Green       guifg=#00FF00     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=NONE
-  highlight link ModeMsg    WarningMsg
-  "highlight VertSplit
-  highlight Folded          ctermfg=Gray        guifg=#777777     ctermbg=DarkGray    guibg=#0F0F0F
-  "highlight FoldColumn
-  "highlight SignColumn
-  "highlight IncSearch
-  highlight LineNr          ctermfg=DarkGray    guifg=#777777     ctermbg=DarkGray    guibg=#0F0F0F 
-  "highlight MatchParen
-  highlight NonText         ctermfg=Gray        guifg=#777777     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=#000000
-  highlight Normal          ctermfg=Gray        guifg=#F0F0F0     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=#000000
-" Popup menu style
-" ================
-  highlight Pmenu           ctermfg=Gray        guifg=#FFFFFF     ctermbg=DarkGray    guibg=#0F0F0F
-  highlight PmenuSel        ctermfg=White       guifg=#0F0F0F     ctermbg=Gray        guibg=#F0F0F0
-  highlight PmenuSbar       ctermfg=NONE        guifg=NONE        ctermbg=DarkGray    guibg=#777777
-  highlight PmenuThumb      ctermfg=Gray        guifg=#F0F0F0     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=NONE
-  "highlight Question
-  "highlight Search
-  "highlight SpecialKey
-  "highlight Error                     guifg=#FFFFFF   guibg=#990000
-" Spelling style
-" ==============
-  "highlight SpellBad
-  "highlight SpellCap
-  "highlight SpellLocal
-  "highlight SpellRare
-" Status style
-" ============
-  highlight StatusLine      ctermfg=DarkGray    guifg=#0F0F0F     ctermbg=Gray        guibg=#777777   cterm=bold  gui=bold
-  highlight StatusLineNC    ctermfg=DarkGray    guifg=#777777     ctermbg=DarkGray    guibg=#0F0F0F   cterm=bold  gui=bold
-  "highlight TabLine
-  "highlight TabLineFill
-  "highlight TabLineSel
-  highlight Title           ctermfg=Gray        guifg=#F0F0F0     ctermbg=NONE        guibg=NONE
-  highlight Visual          ctermfg=Gray        guifg=#FFFFFF     ctermbg=DarkBlue    guibg=#505064
-  highlight VisualNOS       ctermfg=NONE        guifg=NONE        ctermbg=DarkGreen   guibg=#506450
-  highlight WildMenu        ctermfg=NONE        guifg=#777777     ctermbg=DarkGray    guibg=#0F0F0F
-" Win32 specific style
-" --------------------
-  "highlight Menu
-  "highlight Scrollbar
-  "highlight Tooltip
-" Syntax style
-" ============
-" Style for constants
-" -------------------
-  highlight Constant          ctermfg=DarkRed     guifg=#6496C8
-  highlight String            ctermfg=DarkGreen   guifg=#64C896
-  highlight Character         ctermfg=DarkBlue    guifg=#6496C8
-  highlight Number            ctermfg=DarkGreen   guifg=#64C896
-  highlight Boolean           ctermfg=DarkBlue    guifg=#6496C8
-  highlight Float             ctermfg=DarkGreen   guifg=#64C896
-  highlight Comment           ctermfg=DarkGray    guifg=#646464     ctermbg=NONE      guibg=NONE
-" Style for identifier and variable names
-" ----------------------------------------
-  highlight Identifier        ctermfg=DarkCyan    guifg=#6496C8     gui=NONE
-  highlight Function          ctermfg=Yellow      guifg=#FFC864     gui=NONE
-" Style for statements
-" ---------------------
-  highlight Statement         ctermfg=Brown       guifg=#C89664     gui=NONE
-  highlight link Conditional  Statement
-  highlight link Repeat       Statement
-  highlight link Label        Statement
-  highlight Operator          ctermfg=Green       guifg=#64C864
-  highlight Keyword           ctermfg=DarkRed     guifg=#C86432
-  highlight link Exception    Statement
-" Style for generic preprocessor
-" ------------------------------
-  highlight PreProc           ctermfg=Gray        guifg=#DCDCDC     ctermbg=NONE      guibg=NONE
-  highlight Include           ctermfg=DarkRed     guifg=#C86432     ctermbg=NONE      guibg=NONE
-  highlight link Define       Include
-  highlight link Macro        Include
-  highlight link PreCondit    Include
-" Style for types and objects
-" ---------------------------
-  highlight Type              ctermfg=DarkRed     guifg=#DC4B32     gui=NONE
-  highlight link StorageClass Type
-  highlight link Structure    Type
-  highlight link Typedef      Type
-" Style for special symbols
-" -------------------------
-  "highlight Special         
-  "highlight SpecialChar     
-  "highlight Tag             
-  "highlight Delimiter       
-  "highlight SpecialComment  
-  "highlight Debug           
-" Style for text format
-" ---------------------
-  "highlight Underlined 
-  "highlight Ignore     
-  "highlight Error      
-  "highlight Todo       
-" Style for Shell Syntax
-" ----------------------
-  "highlight shTest
-  "highlight shCase
-  "highlight shCaseExSingleQuote
-  "highlight shCaseEsac
-  "highlight shDo
-  "highlight shExpr
-  "highlight shFor
-  "highlight shIf
-  "highlight shSubSh
-  "highlight shComma
-  "highlight shDerefVarArray
-  "highlight shDblBrace
-  "highlight shSpecialVar
-  "highlight shDblParen
-  "highlight shCurlyIn
-  "highlight bashSpecialVariables
-  "highlight bashStatement
-  "highlight bashAdminStatement
-  "highlight kshSpecialVariables
-  "highlight kshStatement
-  "highlight shSetIdentifier
-  "highlight shFunctionTwo
-  "highlight shFunctionStart
-  "highlight shFunctionOne
-  "highlight shDerefPattern
-  "highlight shDerefEscape
-  "highlight shDerefPPSleft
-  "highlight shDerefPPSright
-  "highlight shCaseEsacSync
-  "highlight shDoSync
-  "highlight shForSync
-  "highlight shIfSync
-  "highlight shUntilSync
-  "highlight shWhileSync
-" Style for Ruby Syntax
-" ---------------------
-  highlight rubyBlockParameter        guifg=#FFFFFF
-  highlight rubyClass                 guifg=#FFFFFF
-  highlight rubyConstant              guifg=#DA4939
-  highlight rubyInstanceVariable      guifg=#D0D0FF
-  highlight rubyInterpolation         guifg=#519F50
-  highlight rubyLocalVariableOrMethod guifg=#D0D0FF
-  highlight rubyPredefinedConstant    guifg=#DA4939
-  highlight rubyPseudoVariable        guifg=#FFC66D
-  highlight rubyStringDelimiter       guifg=#A5C261
-" Style for XML and (X)HTML Syntax
-  highlight xmlTag                    guifg=#E8BF6A
-  highlight xmlTagName                guifg=#E8BF6A
-  highlight xmlEndTag                 guifg=#E8BF6A
-  highlight link htmlTag              xmlTag
-  highlight link htmlTagName          xmlTagName
-  highlight link htmlEndTag           xmlEndTag

File colors/darkdot.vim

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-" Vim color file
-" Maintainer:	David Lazar <david#c7.campus.utcluj.ro>
-" Last Change:	Thu May 20 16:27:13 EEST 2004
-" Version:	2.2
-" URL:		http://www.c7obs.net/~david/stuff/darkdot.vim
-" This colorscheme script was created using Hans Fugal's colorscheme template
-set background=dark
-hi clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-    syntax reset
-let g:colors_name="darkdot"
-hi Normal	cterm=none			gui=none	guibg=#101020	guifg=#a8aaaa
-hi Cursor	cterm=none					guibg=#44ff44	guifg=#000000
-hi link CursorIM Cursor
-hi Directory				ctermfg=cyan				guifg=#44ffff
-hi DiffAdd	ctermbg=blue		ctermfg=yellow		guibg=#080888	guifg=#ffff00
-hi DiffDelete	ctermbg=black		ctermfg=darkgray	guibg=#080808	guifg=#444444
-hi DiffChange	ctermbg=black					guibg=#080808	guifg=#ffffff
-hi DiffText	ctermbg=black		ctermfg=darkred		guibg=#080808	guifg=#bb0000
-hi ErrorMsg	ctermbg=darkred		ctermfg=white		guibg=#880000	guifg=#ffffff
-hi Folded	ctermbg=black		ctermfg=darkblue	guibg=black	guifg=#000088
-hi link FoldColumn Folded
-hi IncSearch	ctermbg=black		ctermfg=gray		guibg=#000000	guifg=#bbcccc
-hi LineNr				ctermfg=yellow		guibg=#404040	guifg=#ffff00
-hi ModeMsg				ctermfg=white				guifg=#ffffff
-hi MoreMsg				ctermfg=green				guifg=#44ff44
-hi NonText				ctermfg=blue				guifg=#4444ff
-hi Question				ctermfg=yellow				guifg=#ffff00
-hi Search	ctermbg=NONE		ctermfg=green		guibg=NONE	guifg=green
-hi SpecialKey				ctermfg=blue				guifg=#4444ff
-hi StatusLine	cterm=none ctermbg=darkcyan	ctermfg=white	gui=none	guibg=#00aaaa	guifg=#ffffff
-hi StatusLineNC	cterm=none ctermbg=gray		ctermfg=black	gui=none	guibg=#bbbbbb	guifg=#000000
-hi link VertSplit StatusLineNC			
-hi Title				ctermfg=white				guifg=#ffffff
-hi Visual	cterm=none ctermbg=gray		ctermfg=black	gui=none	guibg=#bbbbbb	guifg=#000000
-hi link VisualNOS Visual
-hi WarningMsg				ctermfg=yellow				guifg=#ffff00
-"hi WildMenu	
-"hi Menu		
-"hi Scrollbar	
-"hi Tooltip		
-" syntax highlighting groups
-hi Comment	ctermfg=blue			guifg=#4444ff
-hi Constant	ctermfg=darkcyan		guifg=#00aaaa
-hi Identifier 	ctermfg=white			guifg=#ffffff
-hi Statement 	ctermfg=cyan			guifg=#44ffff
-hi PreProc	ctermfg=darkcyan		guifg=#00aaaa
-hi Type		ctermfg=white			guifg=#ffffff
-hi Special	ctermfg=blue	cterm=bold	guifg=#6666ff	gui=bold
-hi Underlined	ctermfg=blue			guifg=#4444ff
-hi Ignore	ctermfg=darkgray		guifg=#444444
-hi Error	ctermbg=black			ctermfg=darkred		guibg=#000000	guifg=#bb0000
-hi Todo		ctermbg=darkred			ctermfg=yellow		guibg=#aa0006	guifg=#fff300
-hi link Character	Constant
-hi link Number		Constant
-hi link Boolean		Constant
-hi link Float		Number
-hi link Conditional	Statement
-hi link Label		Statement
-hi link Keyword		Statement
-hi link Exception	Statement
-hi link Repeat		Statement
-hi link Include		PreProc
-hi link Define		PreProc
-hi link Macro		PreProc
-hi link PreCondit	PreProc
-hi link StorageClass	Type
-hi link Structure	Type
-hi link Typedef		Type
-hi link Tag		Special
-hi link Delimiter	Special
-hi link SpecialComment	Special
-hi link Debug		Special
-hi link FoldColumn	Folded

File colors/darkocean.vim

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-" Name Of File: darkocean.vim
-"  Description: Gvim colorscheme, works best with version 6.0.
-"   Maintainer: Naveen Chandra R <ncr AT iitbombay DOT org>
-"  Last Change: Thursday, August 15, 2002
-" Installation: Drop this file in your $VIMRUNTIME/colors/ directory
-"               or manually source this file using ':so darkocean.vim'.
-set background=dark
-hi clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-    syntax reset
-let g:colors_name="darkocean"
-hi Cursor         gui=None            guibg=#add8e6    guifg=#000000
-hi CursorIM       gui=None            guibg=#add8e6    guifg=#000000
-hi Directory      gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#20b2aa
-hi DiffAdd        gui=Bold            guibg=#7e354d    guifg=fg
-hi DiffChange     gui=Bold            guibg=#103040    guifg=#cc3300
-hi DiffDelete     gui=Bold,Reverse    guibg=#7e354d    guifg=fg
-hi DiffText       gui=Bold            guibg=#d74141    guifg=fg
-hi ErrorMsg       gui=None            guibg=#b22222    guifg=#ffffe0
-hi VertSplit      gui=None            guibg=#999999    guifg=#000000
-hi Folded         gui=Bold            guibg=#003366    guifg=#999999
-hi FoldColumn     gui=Bold            guibg=#305070    guifg=#b0d0e0
-hi IncSearch      gui=Bold            guibg=#8db6cd    guifg=fg
-hi LineNr         gui=Bold            guibg=#0f0f0f    guifg=#8db6cd
-hi MoreMsg        gui=Bold            guibg=bg         guifg=#bf9261
-hi ModeMsg        gui=Bold            guibg=bg         guifg=#4682b4
-hi NonText        gui=None            guibg=#0f0f0f    guifg=#87cefa
-hi Normal         gui=None            guibg=#000000    guifg=#e0ffff
-hi Question       gui=Bold            guibg=bg         guifg=#f4bb7e
-hi Search         gui=Bold            guibg=#607b8b    guifg=#000000
-hi SpecialKey     gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#63b8ff
-hi StatusLine     gui=Bold            guibg=#8db6cd    guifg=#000000
-hi StatusLineNC   gui=None            guibg=#607b8b    guifg=#1a1a1a
-hi Title          gui=Bold            guibg=bg         guifg=#5cacee
-hi Visual         gui=Reverse         guibg=#ffffff    guifg=#36648b
-hi VisualNOS      gui=Bold,Underline  guibg=#4682b4    guifg=fg
-hi WarningMsg     gui=Bold            guibg=bg         guifg=#b22222
-hi WildMenu       gui=Bold            guibg=#607b8b    guifg=#000000
-hi Comment        gui=None            guibg=#102520    guifg=#8db6cd
-hi Constant       gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#c34a2c
-hi Identifier     gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#009acd
-hi Statement      gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#72a5ee
-hi PreProc        gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#c12869
-hi Include        gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#ccccff
-hi Type           gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#3b9c9c
-hi Error          gui=None            guibg=#b22222    guifg=#ffffe0
-hi Todo           gui=None            guibg=#507080    guifg=#3bcccc
-hi Ignore         gui=None            guibg=bg         guifg=#777777
-hi TagName        gui=None            guibg=#660000    guifg=#a7a7a7

File colors/h80.vim

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-" author Helder Correia < helder (.) pereira (.) correia (@) gmail (.) com >
-" version 1.0
-" feel free to modify and/or redistribute this file
-set background=dark
-hi clear
-if exists( "syntax_on" )
-    syntax reset
-let g:colors_name="h80"
-hi Normal	guifg=White		guibg=#000020
-" highlight groups
-hi Cursor	guifg=#e3e3e3		guibg=#D74141
-hi VertSplit	guifg=#075554		guibg=#C0FFFF	gui=none
-hi Folded	guifg=black  		guibg=#FFC0C0
-hi FoldColumn	guifg=tan    		guibg=#800080
-hi ModeMsg	guifg=#404040		guibg=#C0C0C0
-hi MoreMsg	guifg=darkturquoise	guibg=#188F90
-"hi NonText	guifg=#9FADC5		guibg=#334C75
-hi NonText	guifg=#9FADC5		guibg=#000020
-hi Question	guifg=#F4BB7E
-hi Search	guifg=bg     		guibg=fg
-hi SpecialKey	guifg=#BF9261
-hi StatusLine	guifg=#c0ffff		guibg=#004443	gui=none
-hi StatusLineNC	guifg=#004443		guibg=#067C7B	gui=bold
-hi Title	guifg=#8DB8C3
-hi Visual	guifg=black  		guibg=#C0FFC0	gui=bold
-hi WarningMsg	guifg=#F60000				gui=underline
-" syntax highlighting groups
-"hi Comment	guifg=#666666                           gui=italic
-hi Comment	guifg=#666666
-"hi Constant	guifg=#A9EE5A				gui=bold,italic
-hi Constant	guifg=#A9EE5A				gui=bold
-hi Identifier	guifg=#555555
-hi Function	guifg=#555555
-"hi Statement	guifg=#ff9742                           gui=bold,italic
-hi Statement	guifg=#ff9742                           gui=bold
-hi PreProc	guifg=#F9449A
-"hi Type		guifg=#55AAFF                           gui=bold,italic
-hi Type		guifg=#55AAFF                           gui=bold
-hi Special	guifg=#A9EE8A
-hi Todo		guifg=#FFFFFF		guibg=#FF0000

File colors/jammy.vim

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-" Vim color file inherit from the desrt.vim 
-" Maintainer:	Jammy Lee<mistapostle@gmail.com>
-" Last Change:	$Date: 2008/03/20 19:30:30 $
-" Version:	$Id: jammy.vim,v 1.1 2008/03/20 $
-" cool help screens
-" :he group-name
-" :he highlight-groups
-" :he cterm-colors
-set background=dark
-if version > 580
-    " no guarantees for version 5.8 and below, but this makes it stop
-    " complaining
-    hi clear
-    if exists("syntax_on")
-	syntax reset
-    endif
-let g:colors_name="jammy"
-hi Normal	guifg=White guibg=Black
-" highlight groups
-hi Cursor	guibg=khaki guifg=slategrey
-"hi CursorIM
-"hi Directory
-"hi DiffAdd
-"hi DiffChange
-"hi DiffDelete
-"hi DiffText
-"hi ErrorMsg
-hi String	guifg=Skyblue
-hi VertSplit	guibg=#c2bfa5 guifg=grey50 gui=none
-hi Folded	guibg=grey30 guifg=gold
-hi FoldColumn	guibg=grey30 guifg=tan
-hi IncSearch	guifg=slategrey guibg=khaki
-"hi LineNr
-hi ModeMsg	guifg=goldenrod
-hi MoreMsg	guifg=SeaGreen
-hi NonText	guifg=LightBlue guibg=black
-hi Question	guifg=springgreen
-hi Search	guibg=peru guifg=wheat
-hi SpecialKey	guifg=yellowgreen
-hi StatusLine	guibg=#c2bfa5 guifg=black gui=none
-hi StatusLineNC	guibg=#c2bfa5 guifg=grey50 gui=none
-hi Title	guifg=indianred
-hi Visual	gui=none   guibg=grey30
-"hi VisualNOS
-hi WarningMsg	guifg=salmon
-"hi WildMenu
-"hi Menu
-"hi Scrollbar
-"hi Tooltip
-" syntax highlighting groups
-hi Comment	guifg=grey60
-hi Constant	guifg=indianred
-hi Identifier	guifg=palegreen 
-"hi Identifier	guifg=#D18B2C
-"hi Statement	guifg=khaki
-hi Statement    guifg=#E6DB74
-hi PreProc	guifg=Skyblue
-hi Type		guifg=darkkhaki
-hi Special	guifg=navajowhite
-"hi Underlined
-hi Ignore	guifg=grey40
-"hi Error
-hi Todo		guifg=orangered guibg=yellow2
-" color terminal definitions
-hi SpecialKey	ctermfg=darkgreen
-hi NonText	cterm=bold ctermfg=darkblue
-hi Directory	ctermfg=darkcyan
-hi ErrorMsg	cterm=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=1
-hi IncSearch	cterm=NONE ctermfg=yellow ctermbg=green
-hi Search	cterm=NONE ctermfg=grey ctermbg=blue
-hi MoreMsg	ctermfg=darkgreen
-hi ModeMsg	cterm=NONE ctermfg=brown
-hi LineNr	ctermfg=3
-hi Question	ctermfg=green
-hi StatusLine	cterm=bold,reverse
-hi StatusLineNC cterm=reverse
-hi VertSplit	cterm=reverse
-hi Title	ctermfg=5
-hi Visual	cterm=reverse
-hi VisualNOS	cterm=bold,underline
-hi WarningMsg	ctermfg=1
-hi WildMenu	ctermfg=0 ctermbg=3
-hi Folded	ctermfg=darkgrey ctermbg=NONE
-hi FoldColumn	ctermfg=darkgrey ctermbg=NONE
-hi DiffAdd	ctermbg=4
-hi DiffChange	ctermbg=5
-hi DiffDelete	cterm=bold ctermfg=4 ctermbg=6
-hi DiffText	cterm=bold ctermbg=1
-hi Comment	ctermfg=darkcyan
-hi Constant	ctermfg=brown
-hi Special	ctermfg=5
-hi Identifier	ctermfg=6
-hi Statement	ctermfg=3
-hi PreProc	ctermfg=5
-hi Type		ctermfg=2
-hi Underlined	cterm=underline ctermfg=5
-hi Ignore	cterm=bold ctermfg=7
-hi Ignore	ctermfg=darkgrey
-hi Error	cterm=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=1
-"vim: sw=4

File colors/mustang.vim

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-" Maintainer:	Henrique C. Alves (hcarvalhoalves@gmail.com)
-" Version:      1.0
-" Last Change:	September 25 2008
-set background=dark
-hi clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-  syntax reset
-let colors_name = "mustang"
-" Vim >= 7.0 specific colors
-if version >= 700
-  hi CursorLine guibg=#2d2d2d ctermbg=236
-  hi CursorColumn guibg=#2d2d2d ctermbg=236
-  hi MatchParen guifg=#d0ffc0 guibg=#2f2f2f gui=bold ctermfg=157 ctermbg=237 cterm=bold
-  hi Pmenu 		guifg=#ffffff guibg=#444444 ctermfg=255 ctermbg=238
-  hi PmenuSel 	guifg=#000000 guibg=#b1d631 ctermfg=0 ctermbg=148
-" General colors
-hi Cursor 		guifg=NONE    guibg=#626262 gui=none ctermbg=241
-hi Normal 		guifg=#e2e2e5 guibg=#202020 gui=none ctermfg=253 ctermbg=234
-hi NonText 		guifg=#808080 guibg=#303030 gui=none ctermfg=244 ctermbg=235
-hi LineNr 		guifg=#808080 guibg=#000000 gui=none ctermfg=244 ctermbg=232
-hi StatusLine 	guifg=#d3d3d5 guibg=#444444 gui=italic ctermfg=253 ctermbg=238 cterm=italic
-hi StatusLineNC guifg=#939395 guibg=#444444 gui=none ctermfg=246 ctermbg=238
-hi VertSplit 	guifg=#444444 guibg=#444444 gui=none ctermfg=238 ctermbg=238
-hi Folded 		guibg=#384048 guifg=#a0a8b0 gui=none ctermbg=4 ctermfg=248
-hi Title		guifg=#f6f3e8 guibg=NONE	gui=bold ctermfg=254 cterm=bold
-hi Visual		guifg=#faf4c6 guibg=#3c414c gui=none ctermfg=254 ctermbg=4
-hi SpecialKey	guifg=#808080 guibg=#343434 gui=none ctermfg=244 ctermbg=236
-" Syntax highlighting
-hi Comment 		guifg=#808080 gui=italic ctermfg=244
-hi Todo 		guifg=#8f8f8f gui=italic ctermfg=245
-hi Boolean      guifg=#b1d631 gui=none ctermfg=148
-hi String 		guifg=#b1d631 gui=italic ctermfg=148
-hi Identifier 	guifg=#b1d631 gui=none ctermfg=148
-hi Function 	guifg=#ffffff gui=bold ctermfg=255
-hi Type 		guifg=#7e8aa2 gui=none ctermfg=103
-hi Statement 	guifg=#7e8aa2 gui=none ctermfg=103
-hi Keyword		guifg=#ff9800 gui=none ctermfg=208
-hi Constant 	guifg=#ff9800 gui=none  ctermfg=208
-hi Number		guifg=#ff9800 gui=none ctermfg=208
-hi Special		guifg=#ff9800 gui=none ctermfg=208
-hi PreProc 		guifg=#faf4c6 gui=none ctermfg=230
-hi Todo         guifg=#000000 guibg=#e6ea50 gui=italic
-" Code-specific colors
-hi pythonOperator guifg=#7e8aa2 gui=none ctermfg=103

File colors/nightsky.vim

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-" Vim color file based on nightsky
-" Maintainer:   Ian Kelling
-" Last Change:  
-" cool help screens
-" :he group-name
-" :he highlight-groups
-" :he cterm-colors
-set background=dark
-hi clear
-if exists("syntax_on")
-    syntax reset
-let g:colors_name="northsky"
-" Search & normal
-hi Normal		guifg=#eeeeee guibg=black 
-hi Search		guibg=#3D5B8C guifg=yellow gui=bold 
-hi IncSearch	guifg=bg guibg=cyan gui=bold 
-if &t_Co == "256"
-	hi Normal		ctermfg=255 ctermbg=16
-	hi Search		ctermfg=226 ctermbg=60
-	hi IncSearch	ctermfg=16 ctermbg=51
-	hi Normal		ctermfg=lightgray ctermbg=black
-	hi Search		ctermbg=darkblue ctermfg=yellow
-	hi IncSearch	ctermfg=bg ctermbg=cyan
-" highlight groups
-hi Cursor	guifg=bg guibg=fg
-hi VertSplit	guibg=#C0FFFF guifg=#075554 gui=none 
-hi Folded	guifg=plum1 guibg=#061A3E 
-hi FoldColumn	guibg=#800080 guifg=tan 
-hi ModeMsg	guifg=#404040 guibg=#C0C0C0 
-hi MoreMsg	guifg=darkturquoise guibg=#188F90 
-hi NonText	guibg=#191919 guifg=#9FADC5 
-hi Question	guifg=#F4BB7E 
-hi SpecialKey	guifg=#BF9261 
-hi StatusLine	guibg=#222222 guifg=#b0b0b0 gui=none 
-hi StatusLineNC	guibg=#001111 guifg=DimGrey gui=none 
-hi Title	guifg=#8DB8C3 
-hi Visual gui=bold guifg=black guibg=#84AF84 
-hi WarningMsg	guifg=#F60000 gui=underline 
-if &t_Co == "256"
-	hi Cursor		ctermfg=254 ctermbg=166
-	hi VertSplit	ctermfg=23 ctermbg=159
-	hi Folded		ctermfg=219 ctermbg=17 
-	hi FoldColumn	ctermfg=180 ctermbg=90
-	hi ModeMsg		ctermfg=238 ctermbg=250
-	hi MoreMsg		ctermfg=44 ctermbg=30
-	hi NonText		ctermfg=146 ctermbg=234
-	hi Question		ctermfg=216
-	hi SpecialKey	ctermfg=137
-	hi StatusLine	ctermfg=145 ctermbg=235
-	hi StatusLineNC	ctermfg=242 ctermbg=16
-	hi Title		ctermfg=109
-	hi Visual		ctermfg=16 ctermbg=108
-	hi WarningMsg	ctermfg=196
-	hi Cursor		ctermfg=white ctermbg=red 
-	hi VertSplit	ctermfg=darkblue ctermbg=cyan
-	hi Folded		ctermfg=lightmagenta ctermbg=bg
-	hi FoldColumn	ctermfg=lightgray ctermbg=darkmagenta
-	hi ModeMsg		ctermfg=black ctermbg=gray
-	hi MoreMsg		ctermfg=cyan ctermbg=darkcyan
-	hi NonText		ctermfg=gray ctermbg=darkgrey
-	hi Question		ctermfg=yellow
-	hi SpecialKey	ctermfg=brown
-	hi StatusLine	ctermfg=lightgray ctermbg=darkgray
-	hi StatusLineNC	ctermfg=darkgray ctermbg=black
-	hi Title		ctermfg=blue
-	hi Visual		ctermfg=black ctermbg=darkgreen
-	hi WarningMsg	ctermfg=red
-" syntax highlighting groups
-hi Comment		guifg=DarkGray
-hi Constant		guifg=#72A5E4	gui=bold
-hi Number		guifg=chartreuse2 gui=bold
-hi Identifier	guifg=#ADCBF1
-hi Statement	guifg=yellow
-hi PreProc		guifg=#14967C
-hi Type			guifg=#FFAE66
-hi Special		guifg=#EEBABA
-hi Ignore		guifg=grey60
-hi Todo			guibg=#9C8C84 guifg=#244C0A
-hi Label		guifg=#ffc0c0
-if &t_Co == "256"
-	hi Comment		ctermfg=248
-	hi Constant		ctermfg=74
-	hi Number		ctermfg=118
-	hi Identifier	ctermfg=153
-	hi Statement	ctermfg=226
-	hi PreProc		ctermfg=30
-	hi Type			ctermfg=215
-	hi Special		ctermfg=217
-	hi Ignore		ctermfg=246
-	hi Todo			ctermfg=22 ctermbg=138
-	hi Label		ctermfg=217
-	hi Comment		ctermfg=darkgray
-	hi Constant		ctermfg=lightcyan
-	hi Number		ctermfg=green
-	hi Identifier	ctermfg=gray
-	hi Statement	ctermfg=yellow
-	hi PreProc		ctermfg=darkgreen
-	hi Type			ctermfg=white "brown
-	hi Special		ctermfg=brown "darkmagenta
-	hi Ignore		ctermfg=gray 
-	hi Todo			ctermfg=darkblue ctermbg=darkgray
-	hi Label		ctermfg=darkmagenta
-" Vim defaults
-hi ErrorMsg		guifg=White guibg=Red
-hi DiffAdd		guibg=DarkBlue
-hi DiffChange	guibg=aquamarine4
-hi DiffDelete	gui=bold guifg=Yellow guibg=DarkBlue
-hi DiffText		gui=bold guibg=#940303
-hi Directory	guifg=Cyan
-hi LineNr		guifg=DarkGreen
-hi WildMenu		guifg=Black guibg=Yellow
-hi lCursor		guibg=SeaGreen1 guifg=NONE
-hi Underlined	gui=underline guifg=#80a0ff
-hi Error		guifg=White guibg=Red
-if &t_Co == "256"
-	hi ErrorMsg		ctermfg=231 ctermbg=196
-	hi DiffAdd		ctermbg=18
-	hi DiffChange	ctermbg=66
-	hi DiffDelete	ctermfg=226 ctermbg=18
-	hi DiffText		ctermbg=88
-	hi Directory	ctermfg=51
-	hi LineNr		ctermfg=22
-	hi WildMenu		ctermfg=16 ctermbg=226
-	hi lCursor		ctermbg=85
-	hi Underlined	ctermfg=111
-	hi Error		ctermfg=231 ctermbg=196
-	hi lCursor		ctermbg=lightgreen ctermfg=NONE 
-" vim:sw=4 ts=4 sts=4 

File syntax/jinja.vim

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+" Vim syntax file
+" Language:	Jinja template
+" Maintainer:	Armin Ronacher <armin.ronacher@active-4.com>
+" Last Change:	2008 May 9
+" Version:      1.1
+" Known Bugs:
+"   because of odd limitations dicts and the modulo operator
+"   appear wrong in the template.
+" Changes:
+"     2008 May 9:     Added support for Jinja2 changes (new keyword rules)
+" .vimrc variable to disable html highlighting
+if !exists('g:jinja_syntax_html')
+   let g:jinja_syntax_html=1
+" For version 5.x: Clear all syntax items
+" For version 6.x: Quit when a syntax file was already loaded
+if !exists("main_syntax")
+  if version < 600
+    syntax clear
+  elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+  finish
+  let main_syntax = 'jinja'
+" Pull in the HTML syntax.
+if g:jinja_syntax_html
+  if version < 600
+    so <sfile>:p:h/html.vim
+  else
+    runtime! syntax/html.vim
+    unlet b:current_syntax
+  endif
+syntax case match
+" Jinja template built-in tags and parameters (without filter, macro, is and raw, they
+" have special threatment)
+syn keyword jinjaStatement containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained and if else in not or recursive as import
+syn keyword jinjaStatement containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained is filter skipwhite nextgroup=jinjaFilter
+syn keyword jinjaStatement containedin=jinjaTagBlock contained macro skipwhite nextgroup=jinjaFunction
+syn keyword jinjaStatement containedin=jinjaTagBlock contained block skipwhite nextgroup=jinjaBlockName
+" Variable Names
+syn match jinjaVariable containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained skipwhite /[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/
+syn keyword jinjaSpecial containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained false true none False True None loop super caller varargs kwargs
+" Filters
+syn match jinjaOperator "|" containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained nextgroup=jinjaFilter
+syn match jinjaFilter contained skipwhite /[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/
+syn match jinjaFunction contained skipwhite /[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/
+syn match jinjaBlockName contained skipwhite /[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/
+" Jinja template constants
+syn region jinjaString containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained start=/"/ skip=/\\"/ end=/"/
+syn region jinjaString containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained start=/'/ skip=/\\'/ end=/'/
+syn match jinjaNumber containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained /[0-9]\+\(\.[0-9]\+\)\?/
+" Operators
+syn match jinjaOperator containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained /[+\-*\/<>=!,:]/
+syn match jinjaPunctuation containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained /[()\[\]]/
+syn match jinjaOperator containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained /\./ nextgroup=jinjaAttribute
+syn match jinjaAttribute contained /[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/
+" Jinja template tag and variable blocks
+syn region jinjaNested matchgroup=jinjaOperator start="(" end=")" transparent display containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained
+syn region jinjaNested matchgroup=jinjaOperator start="\[" end="\]" transparent display containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained
+syn region jinjaNested matchgroup=jinjaOperator start="{" end="}" transparent display containedin=jinjaVarBlock,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaNested contained
+syn region jinjaTagBlock matchgroup=jinjaTagDelim start=/{%-\?/ end=/-\?%}/ skipwhite containedin=ALLBUT,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaVarBlock,jinjaRaw,jinjaString,jinjaNested,jinjaComment
+syn region jinjaVarBlock matchgroup=jinjaVarDelim start=/{{-\?/ end=/-\?}}/ containedin=ALLBUT,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaVarBlock,jinjaRaw,jinjaString,jinjaNested,jinjaComment
+" Jinja template 'raw' tag
+syn region jinjaRaw matchgroup=jinjaRawDelim start="{%\s*raw\s*%}" end="{%\s*endraw\s*%}" containedin=ALLBUT,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaVarBlock,jinjaString,jinjaComment
+" Jinja comments
+syn region jinjaComment matchgroup=jinjaCommentDelim start="{#" end="#}" containedin=ALLBUT,jinjaTagBlock,jinjaVarBlock,jinjaString
+" Block start keywords.  A bit tricker.  We only highlight at the start of a
+" tag block and only if the name is not followed by a comma or equals sign
+" which usually means that we have to deal with an assignment.
+syn match jinjaStatement containedin=jinjaTagBlock contained skipwhite /\({%-\?\s*\)\@<=\<[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\>\(\s*[,=]\)\@!/
+" and context modifiers
+syn match jinjaStatement containedin=jinjaTagBlock contained /\<with\(out\)\?\s\+context\>/ skipwhite
+" Define the default highlighting.
+" For version 5.7 and earlier: only when not done already
+" For version 5.8 and later: only when an item doesn't have highlighting yet
+if version >= 508 || !exists("did_jinja_syn_inits")
+  if version < 508
+    let did_jinja_syn_inits = 1
+    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi link <args>
+  else
+    command -nargs=+ HiLink hi def link <args>
+  endif
+  HiLink jinjaPunctuation jinjaOperator
+  HiLink jinjaAttribute jinjaVariable
+  HiLink jinjaFunction jinjaFilter
+  HiLink jinjaTagDelim jinjaTagBlock
+  HiLink jinjaVarDelim jinjaVarBlock
+  HiLink jinjaCommentDelim jinjaComment
+  HiLink jinjaRawDelim jinja
+  HiLink jinjaSpecial Special
+  HiLink jinjaOperator Normal
+  HiLink jinjaRaw Normal
+  HiLink jinjaTagBlock PreProc
+  HiLink jinjaVarBlock PreProc
+  HiLink jinjaStatement Statement
+  HiLink jinjaFilter Function
+  HiLink jinjaBlockName Function
+  HiLink jinjaVariable Identifier
+  HiLink jinjaString Constant
+  HiLink jinjaNumber Constant
+  HiLink jinjaComment Comment
+  delcommand HiLink
+let b:current_syntax = "jinja"
+if main_syntax == 'jinja'
+  unlet main_syntax

File vimrc

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 set smarttab
 set softtabstop=4
 set textwidth=78
+let g:detectindent_preferred_expandtab=1
 " Search
 set hlsearch
 " Syntax highlighting settings
 if has("syntax")
     syntax enable " Automatic syntax highlighting
-    " Highlight VCS conflict markers
-    match ErrorMsg '^\(<\|=\|>\)\{7\}\([^=].\+\)\?$'
 " Auto-commands
 if has("autocmd")
     " Tabbing settings
-    autocmd FileType ant,dtml,genshi,html,htmlcheetah,htmldjango,kid,mako,
-                    \php,sgml,smarty,xhtml,xml,xslt
+    autocmd FileType html,htmldjango,xhtml,xml
                    \ setlocal autoindent expandtab smarttab shiftwidth=2
                             \ softtabstop=2
     autocmd FileType python highlight PyFlakes gui=bold guibg=#aa2222
     augroup END
-" Undo python-mode brain damage
-let g:pymode_lint_checker = "pyflakes,mccabe"
-let g:pymode_lint_onfly = 1
-let g:pymode_lint_cwindow = 0
-let g:pymode_utils_whitespaces = 0
-let g:pymode_folding = 0
-let g:pymode_options_other = 0
+" Leader bindings
 let mapleader = ","
 let maplocalleader = "\\"
 nnoremap ; :
 let g:ctrlp_user_command = ['.git/', my_ctrlp_git_command, my_ctrlp_user_command]
+function! SmartSplit()
+    vsplit
+    if winwidth(0) <= &columns
+        set columns+=80
+    endif
 " Window/buffer management
 nnoremap <silent> <Leader>c <Esc>:bd<CR>
 nnoremap <silent> <Leader>q <Esc>:q<CR>
 nnoremap <silent> <Leader>3 <Esc>:set columns=240<CR>
 nnoremap <Leader>w <C-w>w
 nnoremap <Leader>s <C-w>s
-nnoremap <Leader>v <C-w>v
+if has("gui")
+    nnoremap <silent> <Leader>v <Esc>:call SmartSplit()<CR>
+    nnoremap <Leader>v <C-w>v
 nnoremap <C-h> <C-w>h
 nnoremap <C-j> <C-w>j
 nnoremap <C-k> <C-w>k
 nnoremap <Leader>a <Esc>:Ack!<Space>
 nnoremap <Leader>n <Esc>:setlocal number!<CR>
-" More forgiving line movement
-noremap j gj
-noremap k gk
-noremap gj j
-noremap gk k
 " Select (charwise) the contents of the current line, excluding indentation.
 nnoremap vv ^vg_
     augroup END
-" MacVim settings
-if has("gui_macvim")
-    set guifont=Menlo:h12
-    set linespace=2
+" GUI settings
+if has("gui")
     set guioptions-=T " Disable toolbar
     set guioptions-=r " Disable scrollbar
     set guioptions-=L " Disable left-hand scrollbar
-    map <silent> <Leader>t <Esc>:silent !open -a Terminal<CR>
     set columns=80 lines=50 " Set default window size
+if has("gui_macvim")
+    set guifont=Menlo:h12
+    set linespace=2
+    map <silent> <Leader>t <Esc>:silent !open -a Terminal<CR>