ramses-scalav - scalar-averaging extensions to RAMSES Copyright (C) 2010-2017 Romain Teyssier, Andreas Bleuler, Joakim Rosdahl, Paweł Biernacki, Valentin Perret, Troels Haugbølle, Michael Rieder, Martdav, Boud Roukema under the Cecill licence. See the main git repository history of RAMSES at for more authorship details. See for licence details. The ramses-scalav package is an extension of RAMSES that functions as a front end to the DTFE and inhomog libraries to evolve cosmological initial conditions generated by, for example, a free-licensed program such as mpgrafic. The aim is to calculate the effective (global) scale factor evolution as the volume average of domain-wise scale factor a_D evolution based on integrating the Raychaudhuri equation. This should be relativistically more realistic than the standard approach of inserting an externally calculated FLRW scale factor evolution. The long term aim is to have this extension accepted into the rteyssie RAMSES master branch following discussion within the RAMSES team, initially as a patch, and possibly later into the core directories. The main article with scientific details is Roukema (2017, [arXiv:1706:06179]( [TODO: Update this based on ADS data after peer-review.] You will need the main RAMSES source code; an initial conditions generator readable by RAMSES, such as mpgrafic; and the DTFE and inhomog libraries. Click on the link **[Source](** in the bitbucket left bar and find the latest version of the file **INSTALL.ramses-scalav** for hints about obtaining these. See Table 1 in Roukema (2017) for the specific code versions used in the main part of the paper.