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 message are dropped. Be careful if encoding binary data, pad the data yourself
 to k bytes per block to avoid problems. Also see the nostrip option to
+When called as a script, this file encodes data from standard in and outputs it
+to standard out, using the standard RS code 255,223. This is suitable for
+encoding text and trying it out, but don't try to encode binary data with it!
+When encoding, it outputs blocks of 255 bytes, 223 of them are data (padded
+with leading null bytes if necessary) and then 32 bytes of parity data.
+Use the -d flag to decode data on standard in to standard out. This reads in
+blocks of 255 bytes, and outputs the decoded data from them. If there are less
+than 16 errors per block, your data will be recovered.
 class RSCoder(object):
         return Y
+if __name__ == "__main__":
+    import sys
+    coder = RSCoder(255,223)
+    if "-d" in sys.argv:
+        method = coder.decode
+        blocksize = 255
+    else:
+        method = coder.encode
+        blocksize = 223
+    while True:
+        block =
+        if not block: break
+        code = method(block)
+        sys.stdout.write(code)