Alexandru Moșoi committed bf63847

search: removed unused gcsmode flag.

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 package gasca
-import "flag"
 type Search struct {
 	decider Decider // decider (shared)
 	bcp     *BCP    // Boolean Constraint Propagation (private)
-var gcsmode = flag.Int("gcsmode", 0, "clause simplification mode (0=none, 1=basic)")
 // Creates a new search.
 // Formula should not conflict when units are propagated.
 // Better perform a unit propagation before NewSearch().
 // Tries to simplify the learned clause.
 func (srch *Search) simplifyLearned(assignment []Literal) []Literal {
-	learned := srch.bcp.Learned
-	switch *gcsmode {
-	case 0:
-		return learned
-	case 1:
-		if len(assignment) < len(learned) {
-			return assignment
-		}
-	}
-	return learned
+	return srch.bcp.Learned
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