I wrote a simple replacement wrapper in go

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Duncan created an issue

I wrote a simple replacement wrapper for the man command that opens Bwana in go. Could be useful to mention on the website: https://github.com/mrexodia/man

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  1. bruji repo owner

    Thank you, that is quite useful, I'll be sure to include it on the next update. Got to modernize Bwana, maybe the time to write it in Swift. But since it works, I never touch it.

    For other reading though you can achieve the same via a the .bash_profile. No need for Go, it's how I use it.

    bwana() {
        open -a "/Applications/Bwana.app" man://$1

    The profile functions are loaded before the bin path, so you can override man that way as well.

  2. Duncan reporter

    Yes, your .bash_profile approch works for usage in bash, but git for example starts man directly and would bypass this to a real binary in a path somewhere.

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