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Issue #3 resolved

[0.43] Float geometry doesn't work with french installation

created an issue

hello, this bug affect the {% geoportal_map %} rendering tag, not the admin widget.

USE_L10N = True in setting.py => The map isn't displayed in the template.

USE_L10N = False in setting.py => the map is ok.

It remenbered me the float opacity, I think it's the same kind of bug.

regards, Romain

PS : thx for the last night fix.

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  1. Bruno Renié repo owner

    I don't want to make a release only for this... If you install from source you can get the last fix:

    hg clone https://bruno@bitbucket.org/bruno/django-geoportail
    cd django-geoportail
    python setup.py install

    Some futher refactoring is needed in the structure of the code, that'll probably be the 0.5 release. Unless you report more bugs ;-)

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