Hg-publishall ============= Hg-publishall is a [mercurial]( extension which allows you to push simultaneously to multiple repositories, in a single command. Installation ------------ First, clone the repository, let's say in your home directory: hg clone ssh:// ~/hg-publishall Then add the following to your .hgrc file in order to activate the extension: [extensions] publishall = /Users/thomas/code/hg-publishall/hg-publishall/ And voilĂ ! Usage ----- Add as many paths as you want to your repository/.hg/hgrc file, and when you want to push, use one of the following: hg pushall hg pusha Get involved ------------ Hg-publishall is licensed under MIT license, so feel free to hack as much as you which. The official repository is on [Bitbucket](, but a mirror is available on [GitHub]( Finally, if you find a bug, have a feature request or want to submit a patch, just fill a ticket on the [issues tracker](