Home Timeline At Home


Home Timeline At Home (or 'hath') is a small tool I wrote to fetch and store
my own Twitter timeline in a MongoDB database, for further (offline) searching,
and reading.


This software is being released under the terms of the MIT License. See the
LICENSE file for more details.


* Python (I'm using 2.6, but it may work with others)
* Twitter python library (git version -
* MongoDB (I'm using stable packages for Ubuntu)
* pymongo (installed via easy_install)

.. note::

    You'll have to fetch the latest version of the twitter library to use the
    OAuth authentication (which is mandatory as of june 2010).


You must have the `bin/hath` executable in your path, and the `home_at_home`
source directory in your PYTHONPATH.

Then, at your shell prompt, simply type:

    $ hath

If you haven't granted access to Home Timeline At Home yet, the program will
ask you for permission via your web browser. Follow the 'oauth dance'
instructions, add your consumer identifiers and you may proceed.

When you're ready and once you are in 'hath', you have access to a simple
command-line tool which allows you to retrieve, search and read tweets.


* count: count the tweets you have in your datastore
* favorites: display your latest favorites
* fetch: fetch the tweets since your last fetch
* from: display tweets from <username>
* last: display the last tweets in your timeline
* post: update your status
* quit: say "bye"
* replies: see the last replies / mentions
* search: search tool (most interesting, IMO)

If you want some help about these commands, you may type:

    > help <command>

at prompt.


Search is the key feature of 'hath'. Using the correct arguments, you may
retrieve tweets that match these arguments.


    # search for the hashtag #python in your timeline
    > search #python

    # search for the term 'chocolate'
    > search chocolate

    # will search for tweets by @scobleizer
    > search from=scobleizer

Also, you can combine terms:

    # search for the term "Facebook" by @scobleizer
    > search from=scobleizer Facebook

You can fetch tweets at a specific date, too:

    # search for 'joke' on April 1st, 2010
    > search joke date=2010-04-01