A few tools for Radio Paradise

These Radioparadise-related tools are (c) Bruno Bord - 2009.
You can consider these scripts as Public Domain.



* `Fabric <>`_
* `mplayer <>`_

But you can replace mplayer in the command by any media player you want. Don't

Using Fabric could seem a bit overkill, and yes, you can do it otherwise, but
"local" in Fabric is the best tool I know to run local commands in Python
without having to struggle with `os` and `command` modules.


    $ fab radioparadise
This will play Radioparadise in AAC format. If you want MP3, just run::

    $ fab radioparadise:mp3



* python GTK bindings
* python-notify
* `PyQuery <>`_

Since mplayer doesn't notify the track change when it's ran from command line,
I needed a tiny program to display notifications.

Simply run::

    $ python

and it'll display nice notification as soon as the playlist changes.

Ok, so my bash skills are far from l33t, but you may want to play your favorite
radio by using the shell script called ``::

    $ ./

Again, AAC is the default format. If you want mp3::

    $ ./ mp3