Talk Template Helper

What is it?

This project is a collection of files you may use for your own S5 presentations.
It contains css stylesheets, 

How to use it?

If you want to start creating a presentation, just type::

    $ hg clone <destination-dir>
In the ``destination-dir``, you'll find a copy of the basic working dir you may
want to use.


The working dir contains a sample config file, called ``talk.conf.sample``. 
The best way to have a nicer configuration is to copy this file, say::

    $ cp talk.conf.sample talk.conf

Right after that you may want to edit it and change the default values. It's
pretty straightforward and you shouldn't have any difficulties doing this.

Initialise your templates

As soon as you're ready, you can generate an empty talk by running the
```` script::

    $ python
This generates three files, filled up with the values you've chosen:

* header.html
* index.markdown

The proper talk

At this point, you may start writing your presentation in the
``index.markdown`` file. When you want to see the processed result, just
generate the s5 slideshow using the command::

    $ ./

Now you have an ``index.html`` file that is the merge of header.html and the
content of your ``index.markdown`` content. If your markdown markup is invalid
or contains errors, pandoc will alert you.

Now you may browse the ``index.html`` file and check if everything's okay.