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Random progress, but I still didn't find the "correct" way...

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 thread_handle = rffi.COpaquePtr(typedef='stacklet_thread_handle',
 run_fn = lltype.Ptr(lltype.FuncType([handle, llmemory.Address], handle))
+id = rffi.COpaquePtr(typedef='stacklet_id', compilation_info=eci)
 # ----- constants -----
 _translate_pointer = llexternal("_stacklet_translate_pointer",
                                 [llmemory.Address, llmemory.Address],
+_stacklet_with_id = llexternal("_stacklet_with_id", [thread_handle, id],
+                               handle)


     def __init__(self, config):
+        stacklet_thread_global.enable()
         self._gcrootfinder = _getgcrootfinder(config, we_are_translated())
         self._thrd = _c.newthread()
         if not self._thrd:
             self._thrd = lltype.nullptr(_c.thread_handle.TO)
+class StackletThreadGlobal(object):
+    _immutable_fields_ = ['enabled?']
+    def _freeze_(self):
+        self.enabled = False
+    def enable(self):
+        if not self.enabled:
+            self.enabled = True    # change the quasi-immutable field
+stacklet_thread_global = StackletThreadGlobal()
 # ____________________________________________________________
 def _getgcrootfinder(config, translated):


     assert(target->id->stacklet == target);
-    free(target->id);
+    if (target->id != &thrd->g_main_id)
+        free(target->id);
   return ptr;
-stacklet_handle _stacklet_with_id(stacklet_thread_handle thrd, stacklet_id id)
-    if (id == NULL)
-        id = &thrd->g_main_id;
-    return id->stacklet;


 #define _stacklet_id_of_stacklet(stacklet) (*(stacklet_id*)(stacklet))
 #define _stacklet_id_current(thrd) (*(stacklet_id*)(thrd))
 /* Returns the current stacklet with the given id.
-   If 'id' == NULL, returns the main stacklet in the thread. */
+   If 'id' == NULL, returns the main stacklet in the thread.
+   In both cases the return value is NULL if the id specifies the currently
+   running "stacklet". */
 stacklet_handle _stacklet_with_id(stacklet_thread_handle thrd, stacklet_id id);
 #endif /* _STACKLET_H_ */
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