Thomas Waldmann committed 5c1a0f5 Draft

only do the MoinMoin.log.configured = True hack when running on GAE

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 import logging.config
 import logging.handlers  # needed for handlers defined there being configurable in logging.conf file
-# TODO: configured should be False of course, but this crashes GAE!
-# maybe this is related how we (ab)use and patch the logger as "logging".
-configured = True
+configured = False
 fallback_config = False
 gae = server_sw.startswith('Development') or server_sw.startswith('Google')
 if gae:
+    from MoinMoin import log
+    log.configured = True  # TODO: without this, it crashes/hangs on GAE
     # Hack: If there are no DatastoreFile instances assume we must create the index.
     from whoosh.filedb.gae import DatastoreFile
     create_index = DatastoreFile.all().get() is None
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