moin-2.0 / docs / admin / install_gae.rst

Installing on Google App Engine

These are just some additional hints that only apply for GAE, see the standard installation docs for the generic stuff.

Note: currently, you need moin-2.0 repo's "gae" branch:

hg up -C gae

You do NOT need to: * run quickinstall or otherwise use virtualenv/pip (as the result of this

is not useful for GAE)
  • create an index (will be done automatically)
  • create a storage (will be done automatically)

Instead, do this: * download * unpack it into the toplevel directory of the repo workdir (there should

be a "support" directory on the same level as the "MoinMoin" directory after unpacking). These are all the dependencies moin needs for production packaged together.

Then, have a look into app.yaml and make sure that "application" is the same as in your GAE site settings and the env_variables MOINCFG setting is correct.

Then try running the from the Google GAE SDK and point it to the toplevel directory (== your workdir).

If that works, deploy the files using

Usage of dev_appserver and appcfg is documented in the GAE SDK documentation.