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Add check-deps to shell completion and commands info

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File priv/shell-completion/bash/rebar

     sopts="-h -c -v -f -j"
     lopts=" --help --commands --verbose --force --jobs="
-    cmdsnvars="analyze build_plt check_plt clean compile \
+    cmdsnvars="analyze build_plt check_plt check-deps clean compile \
         create-app create-node delete-deps eunit \
         get-deps generate install int_test perf_test test \
         case= force=1 jobs= suite= verbose=1 appid= target= template="

File src/rebar_core.erl

 "create-app                           Create simple app skel~n"
 "create-node                          Create simple node skel~n"
+"check-deps                           Display to be fetched dependencies~n"
 "get-deps                             Fetch dependencies~n"
 "delete-deps                          Delete fetched dependencies~n"