webmachine / src / webmachine_mochiweb.erl

Author Commit Message Date
Bryan Fink
x-forwarded-for should not be used for virtual-host-based dispatching (thanks, Arjan)
500 on exception in handle_req
removal of the request_srv process
Bryan Fink
host-based dispatching dispatch rules can now take two different forms: The old form: {PathMatchSpec, Module, Paramters} The new form: {HostMatchSpec, [{PathMatchSpec, Module, Parameters}]} The former is equivalent to the latter with HostMatchSpec={['*'],'*'} HostMatchSpec is matched against one of (in order of preference): X-Forwarded-For, X-Forwarded-Host, X-Forwarded-Server, Host HostMatchSpec can have two form…
make resource instance a parameterized module instead of a gen_server
only fetch body off socket when requested, not when initializing
clean up dispatcher api
initial import