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fix edoc specs so 'make docs' doesn't complain

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 start() ->
-%% @spec start(Options) -> Result
-%% @type Options = [Option]
-%% @type Option = {dispatch, Path}|{interval, integer()}
-%% @type Path = string()
+%% @spec start(options()) -> Result
+%% @type options() = [option()]
+%% @type option() = {dispatch, path()}|{interval, integer()}
+%% @type path() = string()
 %% @doc Start the watching, monitoring the file given by the
 %%      'dispatch' path option at the interval given by the
 %%      'interval' option, in milliseconds (or the default path


 %%      re-encodes it as JSON.  The data is expected as query
 %%      parameters for a GET, and request body for a POST.
+%%      ```
 %%      In:  one=two&me=pope
 %%      Out: {"one":"two","me":"pope"}
+%%      '''
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