wmexamples / src / html.erl

%% @author Bryan Fink
%% @doc Simple functions for generating HTML.  This first appeared
%%      in webmachine's wmtrace utility.  I'm extracting it to its
%%      own module for easy reuse.
%%      Example:
%%        html([],
%%             [body([],
%%                   [h1([], ["Hello, World!"]),
%%                    p([{"style", "font-type:italic"}],
%%                      "That's easy")
%%                   ])
%%             ])
%%      Should produce:
%%        <html><body>
%%        <h1>Hello, World!</h1>
%%        <p style="font-type:italic">That's easy</p>
%%        </body></html>

-define(TAG(T), T(Attrs, Content) ->
                   tag(??T, Attrs, Content)).


html(_Attrs, Content) ->
    [<<"<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN\" \"\">\n">>,
     <<"<html xmlns=\"\" xml:lang=\"en\" lang=\"en\">">>,

divblock(Attrs, Content) ->
    tag("div", Attrs, Content). %% div is a reserved word

linkblock(Attrs, Content) ->
    tag("link", Attrs, Content). %% link is a reserved word

tag(Name, Attrs, Content) ->
     [ [" ",K,"=\"",V,"\""] || {K, V} <- Attrs ],
     if Content == empty -> "/>";
        true ->
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