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The binary egg provided on the downloads-page can be installed using easy_install (part of setuptools / distribute packages). Alternatively, you can simply add the egg to your PYTHONPATH / sys.path and import from it.

Most of the examples use pyximport to build the cython code on-the-fly. Pyximport is part of Cython. If you want to run these using an egg, you should comment out the lines like:

    import pyximport

I've included a Cython binary egg for the latest release in the downloads section, as building Cython takes ages on the Pi.

Progress so far (stuff that works in 0.1.1 release):

  • Path creation and manipulation
  • Images created to/from string-data (from PIL or numpy)
  • Text-rendering (see example for a class which uses vg.Font and freetype to render text)
  • Paints

Stuff which hasn't been tested yet or doesn't work:

  • Mask / clip-regions
  • Image filters
  • Writing direct to/from screen using buffer data

OpenVG is almost entirely wrapped. The only bits missing are the image filters. These should follow soon enough. I've not started on OpenGL-ES yet; this seems less important since ctypes based wrappers are already available.

If anyone want to ask about this, drop me an email for at geemail dot com. Or post a question on the RPi Forum.


  • Wrap image filters
  • Write doc-strings
  • Create a vg_context_params extension-class to access parameters as properties
  • Add properties to all handle-based objects (Paths, Images, MaskLayers, Fonts etc.)
  • Add numpy-integration for Paths and Images
  • Add convenience methods to paths (line_to, move_to etc. similar to cairo)
  • Give objects a better repr
  • Make some sphinx-based documentation