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Porting another of Shamus's projects to Linux

Recent activity

Bryan Kadzban

Bryan Kadzban pushed 3 commits to bryankadzban/Frontier

a1e78b7 - Backport the logic parts of -- but not the parts that change the glOrtho projection matrix for the map, or reformat code. Set a ...
95c18be - Backport the logic parts of -- I don't see the effects, but either way it seems to work, so good enough.
e5dc471 - Backport (but only the part that changed code, not the part that changed formatting), to render the map position with crosshairs instead of a ...
Bryan Kadzban

Bryan Kadzban pushed 4 commits to bryankadzban/Frontier

9833c3d - Added new fog texture
f177b08 - Backport the essence of rev eff451c5eaf7, distilled down to one character. (The problem that caused grass glitching was that the shader never handled uv.y ...
1bc9eac - Backport rev a02d605436b1, to fix purple trees by using the framebuffer extension to render to the tree texture directly. Skip out on the formatting ...
5578406 - Cherrypick parts of rev 4c46a39924bf, to make future cherrypicks slightly easier. Most of that change is not relevant (yes, it's cleaner the way 4c46a39924bf ...
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