Martin Pitt  committed e0a6d56

keyboard-force-release: Apply to all Fujitso AMILO models reports more AMILO models which need this
quirk; enough to assume that all of them need it, and applying it on working
models does not really hurt.

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File src/keymap/95-keyboard-force-release.rules

 ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="Dell Inc.", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="Latitude E*|Latitude *U|Precision M*", RUN+=" $devpath dell-touchpad"
 ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="Dell Inc.", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="XPS*", RUN+=" $devpath dell-xps"
-ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="FUJITSU SIEMENS", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="AMILO Si 1848+u|AMILO Xi 2428", RUN+=" $devpath common-volume-keys"
+ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="FUJITSU SIEMENS", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="AMILO", RUN+=" $devpath common-volume-keys"
 ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="FOXCONN", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="QBOOK", RUN+=" $devpath common-volume-keys"