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Repair and skeletonize maps / User Story

  • Jó lesz most - a lower coordinates-t majd definiálni kell aunti tesztekben.
  • Jöhet az interface-ek terve és a unit tesztek ha nem beszéltetek meg mást.

Repair and skeletonize maps - User Story

The API processes the input image

  1. The processed image is repaired
  2. The processed image is skeletonized
  • Input image is in .png format and preferred to be at least 2048x2048 pixels
  • Input image filmename is YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM format
  • The processed image will be the same resolution and format as the input.
  • Output filename is YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM_skeleton.png format
  • Example: Input image - Processed image

The API repairs the input image

  1. Red roads between black roads are colored black if the red road is not longer than 5 pixels
  2. All white pixels are the closest non-white color with the lower coordinates

The API skeletonizes the input image

  1. All roads remain the same color
  2. All roads are 1 pixel wide in the processed image