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 {\fonttbl\f0\fnil\fcharset0 LucidaGrande;\f1\fswiss\fcharset0 ArialNarrow;}
-{\author Jens Alfke}}\margl1440\margr1440\vieww9720\viewh11580\viewkind0
 \f0\fs22 \cf0 	
 \b #LOCAL:
+\f0\b Branch
+\f1\b0 : BRANCH
 \f0 \
 \b 	Date:


         revision.comment = strForXPath(changeset,@"description/child::text()"); = strForXPath(changeset,@"author/@name"); = strForXPath(changeset,@"author/@email");
+        revision.branch = strForXPath(changeset,@"branch/@name");
     // Link to its parent(s):


     HgRepository *_repository;
     int _localNumber;
-    NSString *_comment, *_shortComment, *_author, *_email;
+    NSString *_comment, *_shortComment, *_author, *_email, *_branch;
     NSDate *_date;
     HgRevisionID _identifier;
     HgRevision *_parent, *_parent2;
 @property (readonly,nonatomic)  int localNumber;
 @property (readonly,nonatomic)  HgRevisionID identifier;
 @property (readonly,nonatomic)  NSString *identifierString, *localString;
-@property (copy,nonatomic)      NSString *comment, *author, *email;
+@property (copy,nonatomic)      NSString *comment, *author, *email, *branch;
 @property (readonly,copy,nonatomic)  NSString *shortComment, *formattedDescription;
 @property (readonly,copy,nonatomic)  NSAttributedString *richFormattedDescription;
 @property (copy,nonatomic)      NSDate *date;


     _email = email;
+- (NSString*) branch {
+    if (!_date) [self _getDetails];
+    return _branch;
+- (void) setBranch: (NSString*)branch {
+    _branch = branch;
 - (NSArray*) parents
     NSMutableAttributedString *desc = [sTemplate mutableCopy];
     replace(desc, @"DESCRIPTION",(_comment ?: @""));
     replaceAndLink(desc, @"AUTHOR",, email,;
+    replace(desc, @"BRANCH",       self.branch ? self.branch : @"default");
     replace(desc, @"DATE",       self.formattedDate);
     replace(desc, @"IDENTIFIER", self.identifierString);
     replace(desc, @"LOCAL",      _localNumber !=NSNotFound ?$sprintf(@"%i",_localNumber): nil);
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