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-M U R K Y
+Hg80 is a fork of Murky.
-Hg80 is a GUI client app for the Mercurial distributed version-control system. 
-It lets you manage repositories and source files without using a command-line.
+Murky can be found at
+I wanted to go in a different direction visually and functionally, and this is the beginnings 
+of that.  Stay tuned.
-System requirements:
-    - Mac OS X 10.5+
-    - Apple's Xcode tools, version 3.1+
-    - MYUtilities <>
-First-Time Configuration:
-    Before the first time you build, you'll need to tell Xcode where the MYUtilities sources are. 
-    You do this by setting up a named 'Source Tree':
- 0. Clone or download MYUtilities
- 1. Open Xcode's Preferences panel
- 2. Click the "Source Trees" icon at the top
- 3. Click the "+" button to add a new item to the list
- 4. Fill in the Setting Name as "MYUtilities", 
-    the Display Name also as "MYUtilities", 
-    and the Path as the absolute filesystem path to where you put MYUtilities. 
-    (Do not use a "~" (tilde) in this path! The compiler won't understand it.)
-Once you're configured, just open Hg80.xcodeproj and choose "Build".
 This is a BSD license:
- Copyright (c) 2008-2009, Jens Alfke <>. All rights reserved.
+ Copyright ©2008-2009, Jens Alfke <>; ©2009, Brandon Sneed <>. 
+ All rights reserved.
  Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted
  provided that the following conditions are met: