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tools package clashed with package from user's project

Сергей Тихонов avatarСергей Тихонов created an issue

The problem is that 'tools' is a common word that shouldn't be used for a top-level package. If I install jira-python as requirements, I can't use my own, because tools is imported from jira-python package.

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  1. Сергей Тихонов

    It will be not so easy...

        |   |


    a = "expected constant here"


    import sys


    from tools import a

    python apps/test_app/

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "apps/test_app/", line 1, in <module>
        from tools import a
    ImportError: cannot import name a
  2. Jajcus


    No python package should pollute name-space this way. The contents of both tools/ and tests/ directory should be moved under the 'jira' name space.

    Really, there is no reason to install three top-level python packages for a single small library. An 'use virtualenv' is not an answer for everything.

  3. Sorin Sbarnea

    I don't like the idea of moving these outside the jira package because it will prevent me from properly including the jira package near my script. Now if I copy the jira directory the import is solved, but with this change I will miss the tools.

    From what I know you can change the behaviour of import via the files, which seams like a better approach, one that would not have to move the tools, just not to import it by default.

  4. Arun Neelicattu

    Although working around this by modifying jira-python/tools/ to reuse the tools namespace is a candidate solution, however this would also require others using jira-python to be aware of this. It is still ambiguous from a user's perspective.

    It would make more sense to be able to import using import than using import tools independent of weather this is running in a virtual env. Another possibility would be give jirashell it's own (optional) module, this would help separate out IPython as a dep too.

    As for tests, they just need to be excluded from the installation via

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