=================== JIRA Python Library =================== .. image:: :target: .. image:: :target: .. image:: :target: .. image:: :target: .. image:: :target: .. image:: :target: .. image:: :target: This library eases the use of the JIRA REST API from Python **Active development for this library is now hosted at** Quickstart ---------- Feeling impatient? I like your style. :: from jira.client import JIRA jira = JIRA('') issue = jira.issue('JRA-9') print issue.fields.project.key # 'JRA' print # 'New Feature' print issue.fields.reporter.displayName # 'Mike Cannon-Brookes [Atlassian]' Installation ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Download and install using `pip install jira` or `easy_install jira` You can also try `pip install --user --upgrade jira` which will install or upgrade jira to user directory. Or maybe you ARE using a [virtualenv][2], right? Usage ~~~~~ See the documentation_ for full details. Credits ------- In additions to all the contributors we would like to thank to these companies: * Atlassian_ for developing such a powerful issue tracker and for providing a free on-demand JIRA_ instance that we can use for continous integration testing. * JetBrains_ for providing us with free licenses of PyCharm_ * Travis_ for hosting our continous integration * Navicat_ for providing us free licenses of their powerful database client GUI tools. [1]: [2]: .. image:: :width: 100px :target: .. image:: :height: 100px :target: .. image:: :height: 100px :target: .. _navicat: .. _Travis: .. _JetBrains: .. _Atlassian: .. _PyCharm: .. _JIRA: .. _documentation: