Activity Browser - A free and extendable LCA software.

Copyright (c) 2015, Bernhard Steubing and ETH Zurich

Licensed under the GNU General Public License.

General information

The Activity Browser is a graphical user interface to the LCA software brightway2 (

This version of the activity browser only works with Python 2.7 and older versions of brightway2 and several other packages.

This version of the Activity Browser includes an extension to perform modular LCA, as described here:


It is recommended that you create a dedicated virtual environment and install the following dependencies (from a miniconda environment.yml file):

  • cycler=0.10.0=py27_0
  • decorator=4.0.9=py27_0
  • ipython=4.1.2=py27_1
  • ipython_genutils=0.1.0=py27_0
  • jpeg=8d=vc9_0
  • libpng=1.6.17=vc9_1
  • libtiff=4.0.6=vc9_1
  • matplotlib=1.5.1=np111py27_0
  • mkl=11.3.1=0
  • networkx=1.11=py27_0
  • numpy=1.11.0=py27_0
  • openssl=1.0.2g=vc9_0
  • pandas=0.18.0=np111py27_0
  • pickleshare=0.5=py27_0
  • pip=8.1.1=py27_1
  • pyparsing=2.0.3=py27_0
  • pyqt=4.11.4=py27_5
  • pyreadline=2.1=py27_0
  • python=2.7.11=4
  • python-dateutil=2.5.2=py27_0
  • pytz=2016.3=py27_0
  • qt=4.8.7=vc9_7
  • scipy=0.17.0=np111py27_0
  • seaborn=0.7.0=py27_0
  • setuptools=20.3=py27_0
  • simplegeneric=0.8.1=py27_0
  • sip=4.16.9=py27_2
  • six=1.10.0=py27_0
  • tk=8.5.18=vc9_0
  • traitlets=4.2.1=py27_0
  • vs2008_runtime=9.00.30729.1=0
  • wheel=0.29.0=py27_0
  • xlrd=0.9.4=py27_0
  • xlsxwriter=0.8.4=py27_0
  • zlib=1.2.8=vc9_2

Then use pip install to additionall install the following dependencies:

pip install backports-abc==0.4 brightway2==0.14 bw2analyzer==0.7 bw2calc==0.17.1 bw2data==1.4 bw2ui==0.18.1 certifi==2016.8.31 colorama==0.3.7 configparser==3.5.0 docopt==0.6.2 entrypoints==0.2.2 Flask==0.10.1 functools32==3.2.3.post2 future==0.15.2 fuzzywuzzy==0.10.0 ipykernel==4.5.0 ipywidgets==5.2.2 itsdangerous==0.24 Jinja2==2.8 jsonschema==2.5.1 jupyter==1.0.0 jupyter-client==4.4.0 jupyter-console==5.0.0 jupyter-core==4.1.1 lxml==3.6.0 MarkupSafe==0.23 mistune==0.7.3 nbconvert==4.2.0 nbformat==4.1.0 nose==1.3.7 notebook==4.2.2 pefile==2016.3.28 progressbar-ipython==2.3.1 prompt-toolkit==1.0.7 Pygments==2.1.3 pypiwin32==219 pyzmq==15.4.0 qtconsole==4.2.1 requests==2.9.1 singledispatch== stats-arrays==0.4.1 tornado==4.4.1 unicodecsv==0.14.1 Unidecode==0.4.19 voluptuous==0.8.10 wcwidth==0.1.7 Werkzeug==0.11.5 widgetsnbextension==1.2.6

Then download this repository and navigate to the directory in your console containing the file and type:


to start the activity browser.

The final step remaining is now to set a data directory for brightway2 and import characterizatin factors and LCI databases.

This cannot be done in the Activity Browser at this point, so in a console, type:


Set your data directory and import characterization factories.

Then resort to the brightway2 documentation to import databases: